Static Shock

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Static Shock is a Warner Bros animated television series based on the Milestone/DC Comic's superhero Static.

"The name's Static! I put a shock to your system!"


A 14-year old boy named Virgil Hawkins is dragged into a gang fight near a chemical plant, when the police appear to use tear gas they accidentally blow up one of the containers that held a dangerous experimental chemical, the explosion causes a massive gas leak that everyone, including Virgil, inhale. A few days Virgil finds the gas mutated him into a "metahuman" with electrokinetic powers, unfortunately all the gangs and nearby thugs have also become metahumans and all of them decided to be supervillains. Virgil on the other hand becomes the superhero "Static" to fight the new metahuman threat.

Why it Rocks

  1. Awesome animation, mostly in season 3 and season 4.
  2. Good voice acting, especially Phil Lamarr as Static/Virgil Hawkins
  3. It's part of the DC Animated Universe. As such many characters from other DC shows often make guest appearances.
  4. Cool villains.
  5. There are hilarious moments.
  6. It is a very mature show that teaches good morals and tackles important topics such as: Underage gun prevention, racism against African-Americans, gang fights, death of a parent, PTSD, juvenile criminals, learning disabilities, prejudice against stereotypes, among others.
  7. It teaches positive morals.