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SuperPsycho (Sam & Cat)

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Great episode, featuring the iCarly crazy fan, Nora.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 30
Air Date: March 29, 2014
Writer: Dan Schneider
Warren Bell
Director: Steve Hoefer
Previous episode: StuckInABox
Next episode: DroneBabyDrone

#SuperPsycho is the 31th episode of Sam & Cat.


  1. Awesome guest stars:
    • Crazy Steve from Drake & Josh makes a guest appearance as one of the patients in the hospital Nevel is in.
    • Speaking of which, 3 characters from iCarly appear in this episode.
      • Gibby, being a funny great guest in the movie scene with his girlfriend, and is acceptable that he told Nora about Sam’s whereabouts giving that he knows that Nora is very dangerous and could hurt him, and at least he told Sam what happened, so Sam and Cat would be prepared to face her, and the episode’s ending where he had dinner with Nevel after he escaped.
      • Nora, being an awesome villain just like she was in iCarly, escaping from prison and kidnapping Dice and Cat in order to face Sam, and she’s been preparing for this moment by getting terrifyingly stronger, and she got defeated again when Sam quickly proved to still be stronger than her.
      • Nevel, being a patient in a hospital for very sick people, as he helped Sam and Cat know where Dice and Nora were, and he later escaped from that hospital and has dinner with Gibby.
  2. Sam and Cat are actually likable, compared to most other episodes:
    • Sam was pretty likable, as she got serious when it came to Dice getting kidnapped, know exactly what to do to rescue him (and Cat when she got kidnapped), and easily defeated Nora thanks to her still being stronger, and saved Dice and Cat, showing that she’s a good friend and a better babysitter than she usual is.
    • Cat was likable, as she had some good funny moments, was also trying to help save Dice from Nora. Even though she got kidnapped too not seeing through Nora’s disguise, it was acceptable since this was the first time Cat faced Nora, and she and Dice were later rescued by Sam.
  3. Funny moments in the episode, like when Cat was making Crabbappes, and Nora’s clever but silly disguise.
  4. A ton of good humor, like a homeless guy taking the inflatable kayak that Nora was temporarily using during the credits scene.
  5. This was a good sequel episode to the iCarly episodes, "iPsycho" and "iStill Psycho", and was a greatly written episode, compared to most episodes of the series.
  6. The acting is a lot better than usual, especially from the guest stars, Jerry Trainor, Noah Munck, Reed Alexander, and Danielle Morrow.
  7. Dice is still a tolerable character, even though getting kidnapped seems like he’s still a butt-monkey, this actually makes sense, since Dice never faced Nora before and thought she was a person that needed help. He and Cat were later rescued by Sam.
  8. A good ending where Nora goes back to prison, and Sam, Cat and Dice go home free, and a shocking phone call for Sam, where Nevel tells her he escaped, making Sam worry, and when he hangs up, she hopes that nothing worse happens from this point on.
  9. This episode shows a good moral here, on what babysitters are supposed to do in case the child is kidnapped, look for them and rescue them from the kidnapper, and also be cautious when approaching them, as Sam took on Nora carefully to quickly defeat her and save Dice and Cat.


  1. "News News News News", the news show that reported Nora’s escape, is a stupid name for a news show. Even a five-year old could come up with a more creative name.
  2. An inconsistent fact in the episode, because previously in "#FavoriteShow", Sam watches Drake & Josh, which would imply that it's a show that exists within the universe of the show. However, in this episode, Sam and Cat pass by Crazy Steve in the hospital. Does this mean that Drake & Josh takes place in the same universe as Sam & Cat while also being a TV show? Moreover, Cat mentioned once "It worked in Drake & Josh" in the next episode, "#DroneBabyDrone".


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