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Super Milk Chan

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Wholesome? Probably not. Good for you? Definitely!

Super Milk Chan (スーパーミルクちゃん Sūpā Miruku Chan) is an anime comedy directed by Hideyuki Tanaka and produced by Genco, Suplex, framegraphics and Geneon Entertainment for the 24-hour channel Animax. The show pre-began as 14 eight-minute segment episodes which aired on Fuji Television's Flyer TV block from June 18, 1998 to September 24, 1998 from 24:45 to 24:55, with the animation being produced by Tokyo Kids. The full-length show, entitled OH! Super Milk Chan (OH!スーパーミルクチャン OH! Sūpā Miruku Chan), ran for 12 twenty-four-minute episodes which aired on WOWOW's Space Shower TV block from January 27, 2000 to April 13, 2000 at 19:00 and then 18:00.

The North American DVD release by A.D. Vision features two different English-dubbed versions: a straight translation of the Japanese version (which aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block on October 31, 2004 with the original vintage episodes before making its official series premiere a week later) and an Americanized version with western pop culture references and short live-action skits featuring ADV voice cast members.


The show centers on the activities of Milk, a 5-year-old superhero who may or may not actually have any powers and usually can do very little besides making popular culture references. Its American slogan, as a result, became "Wholesome? Probably not. Good for you? Definitely." She lives in a house on a suspended platform with her malfunctioning robotic maid Tetsuko and her drunken pet slug Hanage (nosehair). The show follows a fairly linear formula. In each episode, the President (of "Everything", according to his name) calls with a new mission; whether Milk actually takes the mission is not guaranteed. Regardless of whether or not she takes the mission, she always takes credit and celebrates her success by going out for "sushi (or something)." Likewise, there are a number of other constants that follow through the series, often under contrived circumstances.

All of those episodes are rated TV-PG. It was later made into 12 full-length episodes, which are rated TV-14 in the United States. An alternate dub with American pop-culture references, harsher language and newly-shot live-action sequences with the ADV Films cast aired on Anime Network and was rated TV-MA.

Why It Rocks

  1. Lots of humorous moments, mainly because of its wacky and crazy nature. For example:
    • Milk's eyes will sometimes emulate a slot machine (accompanied by electronic slot machine sound effects), with yen signs or other symbols coming up.
    • [Milk picks up the phone] "Hello, this is [fill in the blank]". Just kidding.
    • "The mission is complete. Let's go eat sushi or something."
  2. In addition to being cute and memorable, Milk Chan is a hilarious character, especially with her deadpan lines.
  3. The opening song (Disco Milk) is so bizarre and yet it is also very catchy.
  4. Good character design for most of its characters.
  5. The characters, while far from the best to ever exist, have at least one good or humorous quality that makes them decent overall, with Milk Chan being the cutest and The President being the most hilarious.
  6. The voice acting is very good, regardless of which version of the show you're watching. Hilary Haag, the voice actress for Milk Chan, is bar none the best in this regard (in particular, her voice role in the Adult Swim version).
  7. The animation, music, and settings are not too shabby.

Bad Qualities

  1. The Americanized dub on the Anime Network is way too mean-spirited for its own good. Granted, the original and Adult Swim versions were rough around the edges at times (such as Milk Chan saying "You Baka Face" in the original version and "You Dumbass" in the Adult Swim version and the gradually deteriorating relationship with the Ant Family over the course of the show (which ends with the ant father Yoshiki committing suicide)), but the overall nastiness of the Americanized Anime Network version makes it really tough to sit through.
  2. Some character development would have been nice.
  3. There are some disturbing and creepy moments here and there, like with Pastel Mr. Shin, but granted they're not too disturbing.


Super Milk Chan has a 6.4/10 rating on the IMDB, a 6.1/10 on MyAnimeList, a 7/10 on TV.Com, and has a Google Users rating of "88% liked this TV show."


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