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Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

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Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
Their mission is to save Shuggazoom City from the evil of the Skeleton King.
Genre: Action
Science fiction
Running Time: 20 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 18, 2004 – December 16, 2006
Network(s): Jetix
Toon Disney
ABC Family
Created by: Ciro Nieli
Distributed by: Buena Vista International Television
Starring: Greg Cipes
Kevin Michael Richardson
Tom Kenny
Kari Wahlgren
Clancy Brown
Corey Feldman
Mark Hamill
Ashley Johnson
James Hong
Hynden Walch
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 52

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (commonly known by its initialism, SRMTHFG!) is an American/Japanese animated television series created by Ciro Nieli, and produced by Jetix Animation Concepts with animation being done by The Answer Studio. It was aired on Jetix from 2004 to 2006.

(Spoilers ahead)


A 13-year-old boy joins forces with bionic monkeys to save the universe.

Why It Will Save Shuggazoom City

  1. Great animation with anime style, since it was the first Disney animated series to be produced in Japan, and to be influenced by Japanese anime.
  2. The show deals with mature issues very well such as death.
  3. Fantastic action scenes.
  4. The theme song is very catchy and visually pleasing.
  5. Wonderful and expressive voice acting, especially from Greg Cipes, Kevin Michael Richardson, Corey Feldman, Tom Kenny, Clancy Brown, Kari Wahlgren, Ashley Johnson and of course, the actor who played Luke in Star Wars, Mark Hamill.
  6. Skeleton King is a very intelligent villain (in most episodes), as well as deadly, creepy and interesting, making him great as the main antagonist. He could be one of the deadliest cartoon villains of all time. Not to forget he is voiced by none other than Mark Hamill.
  7. It had some backstories for the characters.
  8. Every member of the Hyperforce are likeable in multiple ways.
  9. The Alchemist's backstory is executed well, (however it does include some inconsistencies).
  10. Antauri was originally a black robot monkey but later became a silver robot monkey which looks really cool.
  11. There are outstanding role models such as Antauri and Nova. Some of the episodes include meaningful life lessons.
  12. There are hilarious one-liner moments and funny moments from Gibson and Otto, one famous example is "I made a Nova puppet out of this paper bag".
  13. There are plenty episodes that were good, such as "Depths of Fear", "The Sun Riders", "Secret of the Sixth Monkey', "Ape New World", "Hidden Fortress", "Skeleton King" (episode of the same name), "In the Grip of Evil", "Shadow Over Shuggazoom", "Snowbound", "Antauri's Masters", "I, Chiro", "The Savage Lands", "Season of the Skull", "Brother in Arms", "Wormhole", "Belly of the Beast", "Galactic Smash", "Ghosts of Shaggazoom, "Nights of Fear", "Secret Society", "Golden Age", and "Object of Hate".
  14. "Soul of Evil" was a great finale for the show (but it did end on a cliffhanger).
  15. Gyrus Krinkle and Mandarin are interesting villains.
  16. Sparx temporarily being a villain was interesting.
  17. Most of the episodes are very good. The show gets better as it progresses.
  18. Great and attractive designs for the main characters.
  19. Chiro, who is a likable protagonist, receives a lot of character development.
  20. Lynne Naylor and her late husband, Chris Reccardi, who made The Modifyers, worked on this, giving it a classic Cartoon Network vibe.

Qualities that shouldn't GO! on Jetix

  1. The animation itself can get creepy and nauseating sometimes.
  2. The plot can be very dark sometimes. There were two-character deaths shown on-screen. Antauri’s death was nearly as traumatising as Mufasa’s from The Lion King (another Disney production). He is shown wounded on-screen. The shocked expression on Chiro's face would scare the viewers even more. Chiro is transformed into a real anthropomorphic monkey. Valeena is turned into ash, screaming in terror.
  3. Disney didn’t renew the show for a fifth season due to a low merchandise, so it was left on a cliffhanger ending.
  4. There are some problems with the timeline. For example, Chiro's past isn't shown at all, since the origin episode isn't produced yet.
  5. The ending of the series feels kinda rushed.
  6. The title of the show is too long, making the TV show less memorable. Because of this, you could make a better and shorter title, so it wouldn't make a single difference.
  7. There are some annoying and unlikable characters such as Cloggy Colon Creature, Valeena and Mandarin's Clone (the last two, depending your view).
  8. The 80s style animation looks still, lifeless and clunky, especially through the lipsync (though this is probably intended). This can be forgiven since the show was also dubbed in Japanese.
  9. Mandarin was flanderized in his appearances in the episodes after "Secret of the Sixth Monkey". He became less interesting after "Secret of the Sixth Monkey" and much weaker. He also appeared to be replaced by a clone who is even worse than him.
  10. Some bad/mediocre episodes like "Girl Trouble" and "Wonder Fun Meat World".
  11. Some of the scenes make no sense, with some being filled to the brim with mild sexual innuendos.
  12. Chiro's rage scream from "The Lords of Soturix 7" would frighten young viewers.
  13. "Chiro's Girl", while it was decent, wasn't as strong as the other episodes. Because of this, you could make a better episode that focuses on Chiro's origin (and would overcome the first season's episode), so it wouldn't make a single difference.
  14. Not much of Mandarin's past is shown. It's only known that he was the leader of the Hyperforce and had mistreated Nova, leaving quite a lot of questions unanswered. It might've been planned for more of his past to be explained if the show had continued. His relationships with the robot monkeys are barely known.
  15. Sometimes the story feels rushed as the first episode is just showing Chiro falling in love for a new girl. The story could've been executed better if the series was continued, there are some plot holes in this show, like:
    • How Chiro met the robot monkeys.
    • Jinmay's backstory.
    • Mandarin's backstory and how he betrayed the robot monkeys.
    • How Valeena came back from the dead.


  • Coincidentally, eight voice actors/actresses who play a part in this show, Greg Cipes, Ashley Johnson, Clancy Brown, Corey Feldman, Mark Hamill, Kevin Michael Richardson, Tom Kenny, and James Hong, also voice characters in the hit Nickelodeon TV show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012).
    • Greg Cipes and Ashley Johnson voice the characters Chiro and Jinmay, two characters who love each other. Greg Cipes and Ashley Johnson also voice Michelangelo and Renet, two characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who love each other. Greg and Ashley also play characters from the shows Teen Titans and Ben 10 franchise, who are also on relationships.
    • The Teen Titans voice actors did the voice of characters in this series (sans Khary Payton): Chiro (Beast Boy) - Greg Cipes, Slingshot/Prometheus Five (Dick Grayson as Robin) - Scott Menville, Olliana (Raven) - Tara Strong, Valeena the Skull Sorceress (Starfire) - Hynden Walch, Gibson (Mumbo) - Tom Kenny, Antauri (Mammoth) - Kevin Michael Richardson, Otto (Trident) - Clancy Brown, Skurg (Garth/Aqualad) - Wil Wheaton.
    • Ciro Nieli was one of the directors from Teen Titans and is also the executive producer of TMNT.
    • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also have watched and finished an anime-type show like this called Super Robo Mecha Force V. The show has also contained several references and inspired characters from SRMTHFG.
      • The main character is similar to the protagonist of the Japanese RPG video game Shin Megami Tensei III.
  • Lynne Naylor, character designer for Samurai Jack and Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi served as the show's Art Director, and her late husband Chris Reccardi, writer for Samurai Jack and The Powerpuff Girls was the show's assistant director. Naylor and Reccardi were also known for creating the failed Nickelodeon pilot in 2007, titled The Modifyers.
  • Unlike the other two Jetix shows Get Ed and Yin Yang Yo! were both co-produced with Canada, this one was co-produced with Japan.
  • This was the first (and only) Jetix show to be aired on Disney+, combining four seasons into two seasons and having 26 episodes (the 13 episodes were originally aired on TV). The show was also aired in a 4:3 cropped ratio instead of its original 16:9 ratio.
  • Despite how this show was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation during the end credits, it was credited as Jetix Animation Concepts.



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