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Before becoming a cheap preschool program it was the house of Pokémon and several other great animes.

TV Kids was a Brazilian children's television program shown and produced by RedeTV!. It premiered on June 5, 2006, focused mostly on the broadcast of cartoons and series for children and teens. Initially the program was dedicated to the transmission of only Japanese animations (anime), based on the success of other children's programs such as Band Kids and TV Globinho.

Why It Rocked

  1. It aired many good shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, Captain Tsubasa, Hunter X Hunter 1999, Viewtiful Joe, Pokémon (considered the most popular of the block), Chaotic, Ryukendo, Dinosaur King, Pokémon Chronicles, Digimon Frontier, Inazuma Eleven, Total Drama, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Johnny Test and Gormiti.
  2. The block helped to continue the legacy of anime on Brazilian TV channels, since until that time Band had given up on Band Kids and Globo was no longer showing as much interest in putting anime on TV Globinho as before.
  3. The block also helped Pokémon regain popularity in Brazil after a few years of declining popularity after leaving Record.
  4. It aired at a time very accessible to the public, at the beginning of prime time.
  5. It was the first Brazilian children's program to have a female Afro-descendant presenter (Samille Araujo), since before that all other children's program female presenters in Brazil were mostly blond.
  6. Was responsible for the premieres of Ryukendo, Inazuma Eleven and the second season of Gormiti in Brazil.
  7. Some Pokémon movies and specials have already aired on the block.
  8. The program continued to broadcast some shows that were rejected by Globo after the first season as Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Gormiti (the same occurring for Pokémon, of which Globo had only broadcast episodes from 5-7 seasons having a bad treatment on the channel).
  9. It was the only block in Brazil to have POKÉMON AND DIGIMON AIRING AT THE SAME TIME!
  10. The block was the main reason why shows like Ryukendo, Chaotic, Inazuma Eleven and even Digimon Frontier (considered the most underrated season by the fanbase) became popular and memorable in Brazil.
  11. Memorable openings with decent anime art.
  12. It developed a considerable legacy, with many fans asking for the return of the block even after its end.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some bad shows aired on the block as TWF and the episodes of Season 4 of Johnny Test.
  2. For several months (a few weeks after the debut of TWF, Dinosaur King and the season 5 of Pokémon) the channel blocked the transmission of the block to almost the entire national territory, placing repetitive infomercials over the block (except over Ryukendo at the end of the block). This remained even when the channel premiered Digimon Frontier and the second season of Dinosaur King. Infomercials were only removed during the debut of Inazuma Eleven and Total Drama in the second half of 2010.
  3. Many of the shows never had their episodes broadcast entirely on the block, with entire seasons being ignored (some due to contract problems since many of the shows were first aired by Globo), between seasons that never aired on the block are: the final episodes of the 5th of Pokémon together with seasons 6 and 7, the first two seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the third season of Chaotic (although it was never distributed outside the US), the seasons 3 and 4 of Total Drama, the first season of Gormiti (the season 3 also was ignored) and the post-78 episodes of Inazuma Eleven (this one because of the distributor).
  4. During the final years between 2011 and 2013 there were very few new debuts and excessive reruns with the block airing in the afternoons and even in the mornings. 2013 was the worst case being just a rare and occasional "filler show" during the weekends with just Johnny Test.
  5. The block went into a giant decline starting in 2014 when the channel decided to turn the block into a low-budget preschool show.


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