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Talk:The Amazing World of Gumball

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When I heard about this show I just wanted to watch it, So I watched season 1 and looked at the intro and went "Okay, look at this, there's no way that this could fail" so I watched "The dress" and I hated it, But I thought that the other episodes are good, So I watched the episode where Gumball and Darwin practiced Karate and I also hated that, So I gave The Amazing World Of Gumball a negative review giving it a 4/10 (Bad) saying "The amazing use of different art styles looks great, too bad these were put to waste, okay maybe some designs can be atrocious (Banana joe) to Fantastic (Larry), The characters are just not that like able and are mean spirited, overall, Gumball remains wasted potential", But I decided to give it another chance and watched Season 2 and I loved it I changed my opinion saying it has become better and better.

This cartoon remains one of CNs best work they ever done, but didn't start good.