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Talking Tom & Friends

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Talking Tom & Friends
Talking Tom and Friends.jpg
Friendship Never Ends!
Genre: Animated sitcom
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: United States
United Kingdom
Release Date: December 23, 2014 – present
Created by: Outfit7
Distributed by: Outfit7 Entertainment
Starring: Celeste Notley-Smith
Robyn Barry-Cotter
Jessica Fallico
David J.G. Doyle
Seasons: 5
Episodes: 155 + 1 pilot
Previous show: Talking Friends
Next show: Talking Tom Shorts

Talking Tom & Friends, known as Talking Tom and Friends until late 2021, is a YouTube CGI animated web-series that also airs on Netflix and POP! (although Netflix only has the second season). It is based on the Talking Tom & Friends franchise of the same name, and is created by app-maker Outfit7.


In every episode, the gang goes on adventures. Each episode ranges from saving the world to fixing minor mistakes to simple imaginary trips.

YouTube Description

Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ben, Talking Hank Talking Ginger and Talking Becca are trying to make their mark on the world. 🌎 Whether they’re coming up with crazy world-changing inventions or making an epic new music video, they always dream big. Although things rarely seem to work out the way they planned, they always have each other’s backs. And it’s that friendship, optimism, and sense of fun that make their adventures just too amazing to miss! 😁

Series Links On YouTube

Talking Tom & Friends Season 1
Talking Tom & Friends Season 2
Talking Tom & Friends Season 3
Talking Tom & Friends Season 4
Talking Tom & Friends Season 5

Why It Rocks

  1. Likable characters such as Tom, Ben, Hank, Ginger (most of the time) and Becca.
    • Angela is also likable in the third and fifth season, but she is not as good in other seasons.
  2. Decent, well-done CGI animation.
  3. Ginger and Angela look less terrifying from the last Talking Tom show, possibly considering that Ginger got older now and Angela is being a fashionista.
  4. Each episode has something new to share, while still having a little continuity.
  5. The writing is straightforward & coherent.
  6. Speaking of the humor, it contains well-written comedy and humor.
  7. Some episodes have a lot of action.
  8. Cute character designs. Even the humans look awesome!
  9. The side characters are almost always memorable, notable examples include MC, CEO, Rhonda, Jeremy, Landlord, and even Mel and Flo
  10. The spinoff series Talking Tom and Friends Minis was also good.
  11. The designs of the new clothes are very creative.
  12. Despite the bad quality of Season 4, the series has only experienced a minor quality drop.
  13. The voice work of the series is amazing.
  14. The theme song, although short, manages to be catchy.
  15. Unlike Dora the Explorer, the way the series breaks through the fourth wall to vent to viewers is well executed here and not at all annoying.
  16. Removing Pierre and Gina from the squad to replace them with Hank and Becca (from Season 4 onwards) was a huge improvement on the main squad.

Bad Qualities

  1. While the CGI animation is decent, the CGI animation was a little mediocre in prior episodes, especially in the pilot episode, The Audition.
  2. Some very intense scenes for a kids show.
  3. Some episodes are not so good:
    • "Back to School" is a mean-spirited disaster of an episode.
    • "Boyfriend Stealer" is not only generic due to its use of the "girl suspects boyfriend is cheating on them" cliche, but not to mention, this cliche is not appropriate for children whatsoever.
  4. Season 4 had a noticeable quality drop.
  5. Despite Becca being a good character, she just feels like a forced character from Outfit 7.
  6. Some characters can be unlikable:
    1. Ginger can be unlikable at times, to the point where he is the antagonist of certain episodes, such as "App-y Halloween". Not to mention that his voice is pretty grating.
    2. Angela comes off as unlikable in Seasons 1, 2 and 4.
    3. Carl turned into an antagonist in Season 2 for no reason whatsoever.
    4. Darren, Carl's nephew, is almost just as bad as him.
    5. Will Zee exists.


  • As of Season 4, every main character now wears clothes. However, before Season 4, Angela was the only main character wearing clothes.
  • In Seasons 1-3, Arx Anima was the animation company of the series, with People Moving Pixels taking over in Season 4.
  • There will be a movie based on this franchise, yet very little is known about it so far, aside that it is currently in the early script stage.
  • Towards the end of Season 5, the franchise and show changed its name from Talking Tom and Friends to Talking Tom & Friends, and gave it a new logo.
  • Despite that many 2-5 year olds watch the show, the show is actually aimed at kids 6+.


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