Tater Turf (Mr. Meaty)

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Tater Turf (Mr. Meaty)
Tater Turf .png
Oh, another good episode of the show, but with dancing!!!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 4b
Air Date: October 13, 2006
Writer: Jamie Shannon
Director: Jamie Shannon
Previous episode: Hamish
Next episode: Nosferateens

Tater Turf is the eighth segment of the first season of Mr. Meaty that aired on October 13th, 2006.


The Tater Tots challenge Josh to a dance-off, and Josh wins. But when another challenge comes, Josh reveals that he only has one move.


At Scaunchboro Mall, the Tater Tots are busting out dance moves in front of the Mr. Meaty customers, to the amazement of Parker but the jealously of Josh (mostly because the dance moves are impressing the girls). He goes to confront the Tots about it, but they tell him that Scaunchboro Mall is their turf. Josh then has to prove them wrong by serving them with a dance move of his own: the wave. He is successful, but they tell him it isn't over. Parker, who never knew Josh could dance, eagerly tells him to teach him, but Josh is exhausted.

Why It Rocks

  1. The idea of a dance-off, and challenging on who keeps the mall is very interesting cool.
  2. The soundtrack is very good, basic and decent.
  3. Josh and Parker are likable in this episode where as they beat out the Tater Tots and they save.
  4. The humor is very ok.
  5. The way that Parker and Josh dance in this episode is very decent and somewhat OK. (depending on your view).
  6. It was so sweet of Parker for confronting Josh and the customers for backup, by dancing and beating out the Tater Tots for good.
  7. The song at the end is very amazing and catchy, it's called WERE THE BACK BACON BOYS!
  8. Good Ending (as stated as WIR#4 and 5): Parker comes out and beats the Tater Tots once and for all. Not only he beat them, he even saved Scaunchboro Mall from the Tater Tots. Also it gets better when Parker and Josh at the end played the song "Back Bacon Boys".

Bad Qualities

  1. The Tater Tots are nothing more than just unlikable brats and idiots in this episode for claming that Scaunchboro Mall is theirs. In fact, in real life you have to be older at 18 or above to own a store or place.
  2. The soundtrack at the beginning (where Tyrone playing the music from his boombox) despite being decent is a little too basic.


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