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Televisa (pre-1989)

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Televisa presenta: una página en la wiki de Mejores programas y episodios sobre su antigua grandeza (Televisa Presents: a page on the Best Shows & Episodes wiki about its former greatness).
Industry: Entertainment
Founded: January 8, 1973
Founder: Emilio Azcárraga Milmo
Subsidiaries: Televisa Consumer Products
Televisa Interactive Media
Televisa Música
Televisa Networks
Televisa Regiona
Notable works: El Chavo del Ocho
El Chapulin Colorado
La Familia P.Luche
Una Familia de Diez
María de todos los Ángeles
La Rosa de Guadalupe

Grupo Televisa is a Mexican media company. This company is involved in the production and transmission of television programs, television signals of free and paid reception —by cable and satellite—, international distribution of political programs, television, publication and distribution of magazines, production and transmission of radio programs, sporting events and live entertainment, film production and distribution, operating an Internet portal and participating in the games and sweepstakes industry. This page focuses on the channel’s old age, when they used to be good.

Why It Used To Rock

  1. They were one of the first Mexican television companies, and one of the most popular.
    • It also popularized the Mexican television shows.
  2. They produced great shows and soap operas like Chespirito, El Chavo del Ocho (1973-1980), El Chapulín Colorado, En Familia con Chabelo, among others.
  3. Televisa and Hanna-Barbera co-produced Amigo and Friends (which was based on Cantinflashow), which was a huge success and popularized the late Mexican actor Catinflas himself to new territories.
  4. The humor of most of its shows is mostly pretty decent, with well-made jokes with well-executed white humor that has some jokes up in tune without reaching vulgarities.
  5. They have a well-designed logo, even the revisions of the logo still look similar to the classic 1973 one, even the current logo from 2016.
  6. Even during their downfall, they still managed to make some good shows like most children's soap operas (1996-2004), La Familia P. Luche, El Chapulin Colorado Animado, Rebelde and Vecinos.
  7. It also managed to air Plaza Sesamo, the Mexican spin-off to Sesame Street, and also one of the international co-productions that was made in partnership with the Children's Television Workshop.

Bad Qualities

  1. Their first bad show was when El Chavo del Ocho (1980-1992) sadly went downhill.
  2. The company went downhill since 1989.
  3. The opening of Chispita is a copy of the opening of Pai Heroi from Rede Globo, and the worst thing is that many find it better than this one than the original

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