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Usage & Example

Notes: Use the operator <br> or <br/> in source mode to add linebreaks within the table. Sections left blank will not be displayed. The title that appears at the top of the infobox will be the same as the name of the page it is on. Note that the picture field requires the extension (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) to be present, and requires that the File: or Image: part of the link not be present.

Using the following:

|Image= 81kgf5SFAwL. AC SY606 .jpg
|Caption= The best thing to come out of the Sonic Boom spin-off series.
|Genre= Animation<br>Children's film<br>Action<br>Comedy<br>Adventure<br>Animated series<br>Children's television series<br>Action fiction<br>Science fiction comedy<br>Fantasy television<br>Feedback
|Running Time= 11 minutes
|Country= United States<br>France
|Release Date= November 8, 2014 – November 18, 2017
|Network(s)= Cartoon Network<br>Gulli<br>Boomerang<br>Canal J<br>Teletoon+<br>TF1
|Created by= Evan Baily
|Distributed by= Lagardère Entertainment Rights<br>M6 Group
|Starring= Roger Craig Smith<br>Mike Pollock<br>Colleen Villard<br>Travis Willingham<Br>Cindy Robinson<br>Nika Futterman<br>Kirk Thornton<br>Wally Wingert
|Seasons= 2
|Episodes= 104
|Previous show= ''[[Sonic X]]''

Results in the following (normally aligned on the right of the screen):

81kgf5SFAwL. AC SY606 .jpg
The best thing to come out of the Sonic Boom spin-off series.
Genre: Animation
Children's film
Animated series
Children's television series
Action fiction
Science fiction comedy
Fantasy television
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: November 8, 2014 – November 18, 2017
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Canal J
Created by: Evan Baily
Distributed by: Lagardère Entertainment Rights
M6 Group
Starring: Roger Craig Smith
Mike Pollock
Colleen Villard
Travis Willingham
Cindy Robinson
Nika Futterman
Kirk Thornton
Wally Wingert
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 104
Previous show: Sonic X