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Tenjho Tenge (or alternate spelling Tenjou Tenge or Tenjo Tenge) is a Seinen, Martial Arts anime based on the manga with the same name as the anime came out and ended in April 1, 2004 – September 16, 2004


he plot begins with Souichiro Nagi and his childhood best friend Bob Makihara going to their first day of high school at Toudou Academy. They had intended to rule the school by beating up anybody that got in their way, as they had done at their previous schools. They soon learn that Toudou is no ordinary high school, but rather a school that was founded to teach and integrate different fighting styles. Its students are skilled in the various arts of combat with some students possessing supernatural abilities, such as pyrokinesis, precognition, and superhuman strength based on the abilities to use their "spirit" or "ki" in Japanese. After an altercation with the Executive Council, Souichiro and Bob join the only surviving club that opposes them, the Juken club. As the storyline develops, both groups find they are becoming increasingly involved in a long enduring conflict that was left unresolved from the Japanese feudal era by some of the characters' ancestors.

Why it Rocks

  1. Despite being a tone-down version of the manga, it still retain the manga's spirit.
  3. The main characters are very likable in their own ways especially Souichiro Nagi the main male protagonist is very interesting because he started out as a douche who liked to fight but later in the series he became more caring of his friends.
  4. Decent Animation with the courtesy of Madhouse.
  5. Great Voice acting from the Japanese Dub and English Dub.
  6. Brutal Fight scenes...but in a good way of course.
  7. The humor for the show is decent enough.
  8. Speaking of WIR #2 both Bob Makihara and Bunshichi Tawara became a fan-favorite characters in both the manga and show.
  9. Every character has it backstory especially Maya Natsume and Shin Natsume
  10. Good (and surprisingly funny) love triangle between Souichiro, Aya, and Masataka
  11. Mitsuomi Takayanagi is both an interesting and intimidating villain.
  12. Despite how short-lived the anime is it did gain a huge fanbase over the course of time.

Bad Qualities

  1. Unfortunately the Anime is incomplete only covering the first 8 volumes of the manga and not to mention the last arc for this anime was the flashback arc of the manga which can be very boring to watch.
  2. Overuse of Fanservice in the Show (But not too extreme than the Manga or Gantz).
  3. Unlikeable Characters like Tsutomu Ryuuzaki and Shin Natsume.
    • Not to mention the 4 Main Characters can be unlikeable as well.
      • Souichiro could be a huge jerkass
      • Aya is could be very stupid who is used for fanservice but not as bad as Kei Kishimoto
      • Masataka can be dull, bland and very boring
      • Maya can be very manipulative to Aya
      • Bob can be a very unfunny comic relief.
  4. Sometimes the plot feels like it barley exist.


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