TheKillerTunaJump (Sam & Cat)

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TheKillerTunaJump (Sam & Cat)
Returning characters = best episode.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 23
Air Date: January 18, 2014
Writer: Dan Schneider
Warren Bell
Director: Adam Weissman
Previous episode: Lumpatious
Next episode: YayDay

#TheKillerTunaJump: #Freddie #Jade #Robbie is the 23-24th episode of Sam & Cat.

Why it Rocks

  1. The guest stars are awesome here:
    • We have Freddie Benson, and his mother, Marissa Benson, from iCarly, with Marissa as a quick nice appearance, and Freddie feeling like a main character in this episode.
    • We also have Jade West and Robbie Shapiro, from Victorious, as they also feel like main characters in this episode.
  2. In this episode, Sam and Cat are their likable selves before they got flanderized:
    • Sam becomes very good friends with Jade, because they have very similar personalities.
    • Cat cares about her friends very much, as she gets understandably jealous when Jade spends more time with Sam instead of her.
    • Cat and Sam get each other back by bringing their respective love interests, Freddie and Robbie, which definitely spices up drama.
    • Even though Sam and Cat have a fight (again), they actually care about each other sometimes, and that is definitely shown in this episode. Cat locks Sam in the closet, because Cat wanted to protect Sam from doing the killer tuna jump, Sam escapes the closet to come and save Cat from jumping the killer Tina, and we have a great heartwarming moment when Sam checks to see if Cat’s ok after she failed to do the tuna jump, and was relieved she wasn’t hurt, and was touched by Cat’s saying she wanted to protect her, and they make up. This is definitely one of their best moments of their true friendship.
    • For Seddie fans, Sam actually has a good heart for Freddie. As Freddie checks on her to see if she’s ok (after Cat told him she got run over), Freddie was worried about her jumping the tuna, and Sam saved Freddie from the killer tuna after he fell in. They have a heartwarming ending, as Sam visited him in the hospital, makes up with him, and told Freddie once he was healed, they would have a fun night with dinner, and Freddie agreed. Then a funny moment when Sam said she took some of his money out of his wallet, which surprised Freddie, and this was definitely handled a lot better than the Seddie arc from iCarly.
    • Also, for Cabbie fans, Cat still cares about Robbie. Cat was understandably sad when he was hanging out with Sam. Later on in the episode, it’s shown she still cares about him, as she tried to go in the killer tuna to save him after he fell in, even though that failed. He was actually rescued though, as he was in the hospital the next scene, and Cat and Robbie also make up, and Robbie asks her if they would also go out after he heals, Cat asks if there was going to be meatballs to eat, Robbie said there would be, Cat happily says "Kay, Kay." That was pretty heartwarming.
  3. Funny moments in the episode, for example, Jade and Sam, when they were at Bots, say funny sounds that make Tandy confused and he thinks to much about it that made him overheat and break him, shutting him down.
  4. A ton of good humor.
  5. Robbie performes "Swell" and you get to see Nozu in one of the transitions from one scene to another.
  6. Being the only 1-hour special, this was a pretty good one and hilarious, as it was greatly written, compared to most episodes of the series.
  7. The acting is a lot better than usual, especially from the guest stars, Elizabeth Gillies, Nathan Kress, Mary Scheer, and Matt Bennett.
  8. Dice and Nona are still tolerable characters, and Dice is also less of a butt-monkey in this episode. They also provide funny and nice moments, like the flashback of when Dice was playing Poker, and when Nona was talking with Jade.
  9. The side characters, Herb, Randy and Brody, are more likable and funny in this episode, mainly during the flashback of playing Poker with Dice. They also had less screen time.
  10. The Killer Tuna jump was pretty dangerous and exciting at the same time.
  11. The episode had a good ending where Sam and Cat make up with each other and their respective love interests, and they promised the boys they would go out with them once they recovered.
  12. This episode has a good moral, "No matter what problem you and your friends have, you can always put aside your differences to protect each other, showing true signs of friendship", and that’s what Sam and Cat have shown in this episode.

Bad Qualities

  1. Marissa Benson and Jade could be the most disliked characters in this episode, depending on your point of view:
    • Just like in iCarly, Freddie's mother, Marissa Benson, is still extremely overbearing and overprotective (thankfully, we only see her when Freddie was still in Seattle, and she only called him once while he was in Los Angeles).
    • Just like in Victorious, while Jade can be funny and likable, she can also be very unlikable.
  2. Freddie and Robbie got terribly injured after falling into the pool of killer tuna.