The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius

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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
Jimmy neutron.jpg
Well, how 'bout next time you get a board that can handle the Neutron style?”
Genre: Comedy
Science Fiction
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: July 20, 2002 – November 25, 2006
Network(s): Nickelodeon
Created by: Keith Alcorn
John A. Davis
Distributed by: Viacom Media Networks
Starring: Debi Derryberry
Rob Paulsen
Jeffrey Garcia
Frank Welker
Carolyn Lawrence
Crystal Scales
Mark DeCarlo
Megan Cavanagh
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 61 (122 segments)
Next show: Planet Sheen

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius is an American computer-animated television series created by John A. Davis. It is the first spin-off to the 2001 film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. It originally aired on Nickelodeon for three seasons beginning July 20, 2002, and the final episode aired on November 25, 2006.


Based on the 2001 movie, the show follows the adventures of a smart young boy named Jimmy Neutron and his friends alongside his robotic pet dog Goddard.

Why It Rocks

  1. Great LightWave CGI animation, even for the early 2000s standards which is very well animated by Sean Maynard.
  2. Awesome theme song.
  3. Stays faithful to the movie it was based on.
  4. Memorable characters like Jimmy, Goddard, Jimmy’s parents (especially the memetic Hugh Neutron), Carl, Sheen, Cindy, Libby, Nick Dean, Ms. Fowl, Bolbi, Betty Quinlan, Britney, Principal Willoughby, Ultra Lord, Sam Melvick, Brobot, and Jet Fusion.
    • Hugh, Jimmy’s dad, is one of the most forgivable examples of the typical “dumb dad” trope, as he is shown to deeply love and care for his son, and the things he does is usually related to the plots of the episodes in question rather than just for running gag jokes. In contrast to other dad characters in general who are all abusive or otherwise neglectful towards their children in their own respective ways.
  5. Memorable villains and/or creatures like Professor Calamitous, Beautiful Gorgeous, King Goobot V, Meldar Prime, Evil Jimmy, The Junkman, Nanobots, Eustace Strytch, Twonkies, Baby Eddie, and the Space Bandits (even though they reformed).
  6. Jimmy's inventions are pretty cool and clever like the Shrink Ray, the Hovercar, his rocket, Brobot, Brobot’s parents, and of course, Goddard.
  7. Great voice acting from the cast, such as Debi Derryberry, Rob Paulsen, Jeffrey Garcia, Tim Curry, and Wendie Malick just to name a few.
    • It also uses adult voices for children the right way.
  8. Clever writing.
  9. Hilarious jokes.
  10. The show manages to avoid coming off as a Dexter's Laboratory rip-off despite similar premises.
  11. It had three crossovers with The Fairly OddParents.
  12. The brain blast segments are awesome.
  13. The "We All Can Sing Except Sheen" song in the episode "My Big Fat Spy Wedding" is funny and awesome.
  14. The final episode in production order, “The League of Villains”, was a good way to end the show despite plans for one more season that sadly got scrapped due to financial issues and failure of the film, The Ant Bully. This episode would have also been a good way to end the franchise if it didn’t continue past that.

Bad Qualities

  1. It gets pretty mean-spirited at times, mostly towards Jimmy.
  2. At times, Cindy can be very unlikable because she tends to take her abuse on Jimmy a bit too far. However, it thankfully starts to gradually decrease during the later seasons when the writers began further developing her relationship with Jimmy in a much more positive light.
  3. Some of the characters were very underused in this show. Professor Calamitous is the main example because despite supposedly being the main antagonist, he only appeared in eight episodes of the series.
  4. A few episodes are very weird, if not nonsensical, such as an episode from Season 3 called "Who's Your Mommy", where Carl becomes pregnant with an alien in his buttocks.
  5. Like the movie, some characters kind of look ugly.


  1. There were plans for a fourth season but due to the box office failure of the film The Ant Bully, the series was cancelled. Many ideas of the fourth season included but not limited to: Evil Jimmy would've returned and officially defeated in the season premiere, the villain humor would be kept to a minimum, Nick would've rejoined the main cast, there would've be an overarching story about the gang starting middle school, Cindy and Betty would've become friends, new villains would've been introduced and Jimmy and Cindy would've finally stopped pretending to hate each other.

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13 months ago
Score 10
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2 months ago
Score 0
For some reason, in the credits, they cut out all the lyrics except for 1 thing, Goddard's Bark. That's actually funny!


7 months ago
Score 0
I can say tha Jimmy Neutron is actually the male version of Neptune from Neptunia.

Mickey Mouse

6 months ago
Score 5
I remember refusing to watch this show because I was scared shitless by Jimmy's big "NO!" in various episodes

No bias

2 months ago
Score 1
Looks like you can't handle the neutron style.


27 days ago
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fuck you ant bully you cancelled of what wouldve been the greatest season of jimmy neutron of all time


14 days ago
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Slap, slap, slap! Clap, clap, clap!

- Bolbi


11 days ago
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"Well, how 'bout next time you get a board that can handle the Neutron style? Later, Nick-O-Rama."

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