The Bleakening (Bob’s Burgers)

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The Bleakening (Bob’s Burgers)
“The Bleaken is gonna wish that he was never born! We’re coming for you, man, hold onto your horns!”
Series: Bob's Burgers
Part of Season: 8
Episode Number: 6/7
Air Date: December 10, 2017
Writer: Steven Davis
Kelvin Yu
Director: Brian LoSciavo
Chris Song
Previous episode: Thanks-hoarding
Next episode: V for Valentine-detta

“The Bleakening” is a two-part episode of Bob’s Burgers and the 2017 Christmas special for the said show.


Part 1

Linda hosts a Christmas party at the restaurant. Things go well until she notices her mini-tree was stolen. She tries figuring out who it was, but the kids think it’s a mythical creature called the Bleaken.

Part 2

The kids go out in search of the Bleaken and find an abandoned building. Bob and Linda catch up to the three, and they find out what happened to Linda’s tree.

Why It Rocks

  1. The songs in this episode are amazing, as they capture their genre perfectly and have great instrumentals and vocals.
  2. This episode has a gripping story that can make a viewer interested, this especially being the case for part 2.
  3. Lots of funny moments, such as Gene finding the ornament he made or the song montage of Linda looking for her mini-tree.
  4. Linda’s a likable character due to her upbeat set of mind and hope to make Christmas cheerful in the first part, and her determination to find her tree in the second part.
  5. When the wall is being pushed to the side, the CGI used for it looks very well-done and cool.
  6. Louise’s detective skills are admittedly impressive, as they’re better than the town’s actual detective.
  7. It has a lot of well-done illusions, such as the hidden wall and the secret staircase.
  8. Gene has a lot of hilarious one-liners, such as “It’s an architectural turducken!” or “Is this Moby’s house?”.
  9. A good ending where Linda allows the rave party, and join the dancers, and she has so much fun she continues dancing when the party’s over.


The Bleakening got an 8.3 on IMDB.


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