The Casagrandes

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The Casagrandes


"I'm in the big city with my big familia
Everyday here is my favorite día
One big house and our family store
Food and laughter ¡y mucho amor!"
Genre: Animated sitcom
Slice of life
Running Time: 22 Minutes (episodes)
11 Minutes (segments)
Country: United States
Release Date: October 14, 2019 - TBA 2022
Network(s): Nickelodeon
Created by: Michael Rubiner
Distributed by: ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks
Starring: Izabella Alvarez
Carlos PenaVega
Eugenio Derbez
Ken Jeong
Melissa Joan Hart
Leah Mei Gold
Lexi Sexton
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 60
Previous show: The Loud House

The Casagrandes is an American animated comedy series that is a spinoff of The Loud House. It debuted on October 14, 2019 and was developed by Michael Rubiner based on characters by Chris Savino. The series has been renewed for a second and third (also the last) season.


Ronnie Anne, her older brother Bobby, and their mother Maria, having moved to Great Lakes City, now live with their extended family, the Casagrandes. Since her dreams finally came true, Ronnie Anne meets new friends like Sid Chang, and discovers more about the city.

Por qué mola (Why It Rocks)

  1. Amazing animation style; just like with The Loud House, it improved the cartoony, newspaper comic-esque style really nicely, as it also resembles as a 2000s-esque cartoon like the main show.
    • Speaking of The Loud House, the titular house had a cameo at the end of “Croaked”.
  2. The characters originally from The Loud House (such as Ronnie Anne Santiago, the protagonist) are still lovable, and the new characters are great as well.
  3. Catchy theme song that's peppered with some Spanish phrases and words.
  4. The title cards are amazing, even they have the same transition as The Loud House, are very creative, as they now have different fonts for each episode.
  5. Manages to build on top of existing continuity by introducing new characters.
  6. Ronnie Anne and Sid's friendship is very heartwarming as they have a good chemistry together and a good dynamic.
  7. A few characters from The Loud House appear in certain episodes, further uniting the two series.
    • Lincoln Loud appears in “The Horror-Scope”, “An Udder Mess”, and "'Prankiversery".
    • Lori Loud appears in “Flee Market”, “This Bird Has Flown” and “Tee'd Off
  8. Great depictions of Mexican-American culture.
  9. Excellent writing.
  10. C.J. is a great, well-written portrayal of down syndrome.
  11. Witty humor, jokes, and slapstick.
  12. Top-notch voice acting, with well-known names such as Melissa Joan Hart, Ken Jeong, Eugenio Derbez, Sonia Manzano, George Lopez, and Daniel Dae Kim.
  13. While The Loud House has gone downhill and eventually jumped the shark as of season 4, this show has thankfully not.
  14. There are a number of good/decent episodes, such as:
    • Walk Don't Run
    • Arrr in the Family
    • Operation Dad
    • V.I.P.eeved
    • Team Effort
    • Guess Who's Shopping for Dinner?
    • New Roomie
    • Guilt Trip
    • Meal Ticket
    • A Very Casagrandes Christmas” (an awesome christmas episode)
    • An Udder Mess
    • Karate Chops” (depending on your view)
    • Saving Face
    • Battle of the Grandpas
    • Zoo-mergemcy
    • Teacher's Fret” (depending on your view)
    • Spin-Off
    • Operation Popstar
    • Curse of the Candy Goblin

Malas Cualidades (Bad Qualities)

  1. It shares the same flaws from The Loud House such as:
    • Toilet humor and gross-out jokes in several episodes.
    • A lot of rehashed episode plots.
    • Like The Loud House as of Season 5, the show has been getting more unrealistic and cartoon-ish, almost every episode has had a cartoony element such as:
      • A chicken ghost in “Bad Cluck
      • The fridge coming to life in “Guilt Trip
      • The electronic devices and one of Carl's toys coming to life in “I, Breakfast Bot”.
      • A rat being the tooth fairy in “Tooth Or Consequences
      • Picosito rubbing Abuelo's head in order to get good luck and having a pair of underpants with jalapeño peppers on it that brings him good luck in the Season 3 premiere “Bend It Like Abuelo“
      • The book making the ancestors of the Chang family come to life in “Bunstoppable“.
      • A candy goblin in the episode “Curse of the Candy Goblin“
    • Thankfully, there are not a lot of overly cartoonish elements as a plot unlike The Loud House as of Season 5, though it has became more frequent as of Season 3 making the show go downhill, while not "jumping the shark" completely yet.
  2. Even this show has a few bad or mediocre episodes such as:
    • This Bird Has Flown” (arguably the worst episode of the show)
    • Gossipy Girl
    • Señor Class
    • Blunder Party
    • I, Breakfast Bot” (depending on your view)
    • Karate Chops” (depending on your view)
    • Matters of the Kart” (depending on your view)
    • Going Overboard” was a pretty mediocre way to start the series, (depending on your view).
    • There are also a few boring episodes, but thankfully, not too many.
  3. Some jokes can get old very quickly.
  4. Some members of the Casagrande family can be a bit annoying.
    • The family’s pet parrot, Sergio, is unlikable and constantly mistreats the family, especially towards Bobby. He is also shoehorned into scenes, making him the creator's pet.
    • Carl(ino) can be annoying and an overused character due to many episodes centered on him.
    • Tía Frida is a huge crybaby, and the worst mother who cries over the littlest things.
    • While not a bad character, Ronnie Anne feels too much like a female Lincoln in this series, while in the original show she seemed to have her own character identity.
  5. Some blatant attempts at being relevant at dead/dying trends such as Bobby dabbing in the episode “Stress Test”, and Tía Frida dabbing and flossing in the episode “Copy Can't” and Ronnie Anne dabbing in the title card of the same episode.


  • As Chris Savino, the person who created The Loud House was fired on October 19, 2017 was fired due to sexual harassment, he did not work on this show.



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