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The Night Begins To Shine (Teen Titans Go!)

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The Night Begins to Shine
Long ass title.jpg
Four parts of 80s inspired awesomeness.
Series: Teen Titans Go!
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 27-30
Air Date: August 1-4, 2017
Writer: Michael Jelenic
Aaron Horvath
Brady Klosterman
Director: Luke Cormican
Peter Rida Michail
James Krenzke
Previous episode: Hot Salad Water
Next episode: Lication

"The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though it Was the Day" aka ("The Night Begins to Shine") is a special miniseries that is dedicated to Cyborg's favorite song, Night Begins to Shine, and the twenty-seventh to thirtieth episodes of the fourth season of Teen Titans Go! and the 184th-187th overall episodes of the series.


Part 1

The elderly Titans decide to take one last trip to the world of Night Begins to Shine only to encounter a new villian ruling the land, Ultralak.

Part 2

In order to stop Ultralak, the Titans must find three music stems, but will need help from a local Miner to get the first stem away from the Sheriff.

Part 3

The Titans are horrified to learn that songs are being melted down and polluting the landscape.

Part 4

To retrieve the final stem, the Titans must conquer a virtual world full of increasingly harder obstacles.

Part 5

The Titans use the stems to summon B.E.R., but will it be enough to stop Ultralak the Dark Wizard?

Why The Night Always Shines And Never GO! Away In These Episodes

  1. These episodes serve as a great sequel to the well-received Teen Titans Go! episode, 40%,40%,20%, because of this, it is an amazing improvement to the rest of the parts of the show.
  2. We finally get to see see B.E.R, though as animated caricatures in the Teen Titans Go! art style.
  3. The titular Titans play supporting characters to Cyborg and, as a result, are more likable thanks to the small amount of screen time they received.
  4. The episode features a lot of well-paced and awesome action.
  5. Like 40%,40%,20%, it is one of the few Teen Titans Go! episodes that don't suck and has a fun, consistent storyline.
  6. We get to hear more of that sweet, sweet song that is The Night Begins to Shine by B.E.R, who star in the later episodes.
  7. The designs for the Titans look far better than the ones in "Let's Get Serious".
  8. It got a sequel in 2020.
  9. In fact, the special was so popular that it managed to get its own spinoff.[1]


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