The Ed-touchables (Ed, Edd n Eddy)

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The Ed-touchables (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
The Ed-touchables.png
Behold, the episode that started the Ed, Edd, n Eddy series!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1a
Air Date: January 4, 1999
Writer: Jono Howard
Danny Antonucci
Next episode: Nagged to Ed

"The Ed-touchables" is the first half of the first episode in the first season of Ed, Edd, n Eddy.


Double D's magnifying glass and Sarah's doll go missing so the Eds think that there's a "serial toucher" stealing people's belongings, leaving to think Jonny and Plank did it.

Why It Rocks

  1. It started off the Ed, Edd, n Eddy series, meaning that we get introduced to many of the things that make the show good, such as the Eds coming up with get-rich-quick scams and getting the cul-de-sac kids to buy them, the memorable and likable Eds themselves - Ed, Double D and Eddy, along with the cul-de-sac kids, great humor and slapstick, and so much more!
  2. Depending on your view, Eddy ringing the doorbell multiple times is quite funny, along with Ed banging on the lampost multiple times, Eddy complaining to Ed about his stinky pits, and so much more!
  3. Double D labelling everything at the start is relaxing to watch, and very handy if you accidentally forget what the belongings are called.
  4. Eddy's scam is pretty interesting and creative, as he first announces to the cul-de-sac kids about a serial toucher stealing people's stuff, and then puts Ed on a chair along with a "don't touch" sign on him and stops the person from touching by releasing lots of objects and puts the person on a chair and ties him/her up to interrogate him/her.
  5. The chase scene involving the Eds chasing Jonny is fun and entertaining to watch, along with Eddy interrogating Jonny and his plank friend on if he stole Double D's magnifying glass and Sarah's doll.
  6. Good Ending/Plot Twist: Eddy earns the money from interrogating Jonny and so has enough to get him, Double D and Ed jawbreakers, but it turns out that Sarah's doll was under her bed, with Jimmy knowing as well, and Double D managed to find his magnifying glass when inspecting his room. While Sarah and Jimmy go for a walk with Jonny in a tire swing, it ends with the three Eds enjoying their jawbreakers, but chase after them when going out of their mouths.

Bad Qualities

  1. Sarah was rather unlikable at the start for throwing a tantrum over her doll going missing by taking her temper out on Ed, scratching the sofas like a cat and pushing the Eds up and down.
    • Speaking of which, Polly Poo-Poo, the name of Sarah's doll sounds like a disgusting and gross name.
  2. Although very fun and interesting to watch, the Eds' "scam" seemed pointless since Sarah already found her doll under her bed while Double D found his magnifying glass while inspecting.


  • This episode, along with Nagged to Ed, hold a rating of 7.4 out of 100 on IMDB.


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