The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants

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The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants
The Epic Tales of Captain Underpantss.png
Genre: Action
Running Time: 24 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: July 13, 2018 – present
Network(s): Netflix
Created by: Dav Pilkey
Distributed by: NBCUniversal Television Distribution
Starring: Nat Faxon
Ramone Hamilton
Jay Gragnani
Jorge Diaz
Peter Hastings
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 45 (+ 3 specials)

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants is an American Flash-animated web-television series produced by DreamWorks Animation that is based on the film Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, in turn, based on the Captain Underpants series of books by Dav Pilkey.

Why It Rocks

  1. Terrific animation, even by Flash standards. It even uses different animation like claymation and even sock puppets.
  2. Just like the movie and books, it breaks the fourth wall.
  3. Also just like the movie and books, it knows how to make good toilet jokes.
  4. The voice-acting is good because their casting is better as George and Harold now sound like kids.
  5. The show gives more depth onto Melvin’s character, going from an intelligent tattletale into an outright villain, even having Season 2 take place in a time where Melvin (or rather his robot future self) won.
  6. It treats itself like the books. Usually, at times, it'll say what the number of the chapter it is. It even references "Remember that now!" and "To make a long story short".
  7. The “graphic violence chapters” doesn’t limit itself to just Flip-o-Rama!, it’ll often experiment with different o-Ramas tying in with the theme of the episode.
  8. Like the movie, It Stays faithful to its source material.
  9. The new characters are all both memorable and funny, so chances are the viewer will stop the series with at least one favorite character.
  10. It pokes fun of the deceased cartoon community who always complain about cartoons being more silly than dark. As being said, in episode 8, it has a Her-O-Rama where the battle between Captain Underpants and Judge J.O.R.T.S becomes more "dark" and "gritty."
  11. It has a lot more depth in the plot and the episodes. Like the end of the first season involving George and Harold to get Mr. Krupp fired to avoid being expelled.
  12. Season 2 has many plot elements that are similar to the books but they feel unique and not just copies of those same concepts.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite being advertised as a spin-off from the movie, it has very little connection to the movie and feels more like a stand-alone universe.
  2. Captain Underpants and Mr. Krupp, depending on your view, were both flanderized.
    1. Krupp is flanderized as a child-hating idiot who was meaner then he was in the movie. He even cheated on Edith (although she didn't appear in the series).
    2. Captain Underpants is flanderized to become dumber than usual. Also, he is now childish.
  3. George and Harold's drawings look nothing like their movie and book's counterpart.
  4. Certain elements from the movie, such as Harold’s love for dolphins, weren’t carried over to the show. However, this could be excused since the show is more of a stand-alone series rather than a direct tie-in.
  5. The theme song, while not bad, is not as good as the Weird Al theme used in the movie.
  6. They has some bad episodes like The Bizarre Blitzkrieg of the Bothersome Butt-erflies


The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants has a 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb.


Spidey McFly

16 months ago
Score 1
This show is alright, I guess.


9 months ago
Score 1


8 months ago
Score 2
I used to really like this show, and now I don't anymore. :/

Spidey McFly

7 months ago
Score 1
Yeah, don’t blame you.


8 months ago
Score 0
"Tra La Laaaaaaaa!"


6 months ago
Score 1
This to me is one of the few good dreamworks shows besides maybe the mr peabody and sherman show

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