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The Faith (The Amazing World of Gumball)

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The Faith (The Amazing World of Gumball)
The Faith.jpg
"It's one big shade of gray... and the dark kind, I'm afraid to say."
Series: The Amazing World of Gumball
Part of Season: 6
Episode Number: 9
Air Date: February 23, 2018 (US)
May 30, 2018 (UK)
Writer: Jack Bernhardt, Ben Bocquelet, Cariad Lloyd, Joe Markham, and Tobi Wilson
Storyboarded by: Richard Méril
Previous episode: The Cage
Next episode: The Candidate

The Faith is an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball


When Alan loses faith in humanity, Elmore turns black and white and falls apart, so Gumball and Darwin need to cheer him up.

Why It Rocks

Life is beautiful!
  1. Like the SpongeBob episode Are You Happy Now?, this episode tackles depression, except in a much better way.
  2. The jokes about black and white were hilarious.
  3. The scene where Gumball and Darwin cried whenever they entered the black and white area is very sad to look at.
  4. The emotional faith song which is divided into three sections. The first is an upbeat song of how the world is not perfect. The second is a downbeat song of how that was supposed to make Alan feel better. The third is an emotional song of never giving up or losing faith.
  5. It has a nice moral that the world is not perfect and that you shouldn’t lose faith on humanity regardless if the world turns horrible.
  6. A very nice and sweet ending where when faith is restored to Elmore, Alan asks Gumball if they're friends now to which Gumball says, "No" and walks away. When Alan looks sad, Gumball comes back and says, "Okay, maybe a little" which makes Alan very happy.



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