The Fog of Courage (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

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The Fog of Courage
The Fog of Courage.PNG
"Stupid fog!" - Eustace Bagge.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 7:16
Country: Southeast Asia
Release Date: November 2013 (Southeast Asia)
2014 (India)
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Created by: John R. Dilworth
Starring: Wallace Shawn
Marty Grabstein
Thea White
Paul Schoeffler

"The Fog of Courage" is a 2013 7-minute CGI pilot for a possible revival of Courage the Cowardly Dog, which aired exclusively on November 2013 in Southeast Asia, followed by an Indian airing in 2014. It has yet to air in other countries (including the USA where the show ironically first aired in), but it can be viewed by USA residents on YouTube.


When Courage finds a mysterious amulet while digging through the yard, a ghostly fog covers the farmhouse. Eustace, however, refuses to return the amulet that apparently belongs to the fog ghost's long lost love. Courage must protect his family from the vengeful fog spirit.

Why It Rocks

You would barely see these types of screams in cartoons!
  1. Captures the scary charm that made Courage the Cowardly Dog good, like Courage, Muriel and Eustace still living in a farmhouse in the middle of Nowhere, them still having their memorable character, crazy stuff happening around Nowhere & Muriel's iconic ending quote "I wondering what's happened to Eustace?" & Courage's "The things I do for love".
    • The CGI animation also captures the charm and looks great.
  2. A pretty interesting plot, which in way is similar to the season 1 episode, "King Ramses' Curse", where Courage finds a mysterious and valuable amulet while digging through the yard, which apparently belongs to the fog ghost's long lost love - explaining how a ghostly fog covered the house the next minute Courage ran with the amulet.
  3. The fog spirit's design looks very creative and original.
  4. The Courage scream scenes are hilarious and top-notch, especially the ones where Courage's eyes pop out and when he unintentionally spawned multiple clones of his face.
  5. While not having that Scottish charm, Wallace Shawn does a decent job voicing Eustace.
  6. That famous moment where Courage "defeats" the fog spirit just by throwing the amulet into his mouth and saves Muriel from falling by putting a plunger on her back.
  7. Good Ending: When Courage "defeats" the fog spirit and saves Muriel from falling, they relax near the farmhouse on a chair and Muriel says her aforementioned ending quote, while Eustace is seen underground holding the locket of the amulet, only for the fog spirit to ask for said locket.

Bad Qualities

  1. As usual, Eustace is still an intolerable character for not helping Muriel dust the furniture in the house, claiming the mysterious amulet his and refusing to return it to the fog spirit just because it's very valuable and got no character development whatsoever.
    • Speaking of which, while Wallace Shawn done a decent job voicing him, it doesn't capture the Scottish accent Arthur Anderson done that made him memorable.
  2. There's one goof where Courage's mouth doesn't move when he says his iconic quote "The things I do for love".
  3. While the animation is good, it somewhat tends to look like a PS2 era game, especially for the model of the fog spirit, who looks very ugly.


  • It holds a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDB.



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