The Funny Company

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The Funny Company
The Funny Company.jpg
Before Sesame Street, the company made by the little boy, a little girl and a dinosaur.
Genre: Educational
Urban fantasy
Running Time: 6 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: 1963
Network(s): Syndication

Reruns: PBS (1977-1996)
Nickelodeon (1981-1993)
NBC (1977-1982)
ABC (1982-1987)

Created by: Ken Snyder
Charles Koren
Starring: Dick Beals
Nancy Wible
Robie Lester
Ken Snyder
Tom Thomas
Hal Smith

The Funny Company is an American animated fantasy television series produced in 1963. Ken Snyder and Charles Koren produced 260 six-minute-long episodes (they later would create the Roger Ramjet series). The Mattel Corporation provided financial backing. With the success of The Funny Company, Snyder conceived the program in response to then-Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Newton N. Minow's call for more educational children's programs.

Why It Rocks

Shrinkin' Violette (The Funny Company).png
  1. A very great concept, and both Ken Snyder and Charles Koren did this so good.
  2. Limited animation is done-well for the early 1960s standards.
  3. Best voice acting.
  4. It's now officially considered American children's television's very first major edutainment series.
  5. It was the best children's education television program in America, six years before the preschool-oriented Sesame Street was introduced on public television. On the top of that, the series was the very heartwarming predecessor of Sesame Street.
  6. It was a huge throwback to the American urban fantasy films of the 1930's.
  7. It almost looks like a NET (currently known as PBS) program, as well as a public TV show.
  8. Memorable characters, including the world's last pterodactyl, Terry Dactyl, who is frozen in the ice cube for millions of years.
    • Belly Laguna is a very funny main villain, spoofing the most beloved Dracula character.
  9. Great character designs, which are fits the Hanna-Barbera style.
  10. A very terrific mixture of the heartwarming moments, American-influenced urban fantasy and the great Looney Tunes-esque humor.
  11. Shrinkin' Violette is extremely cute and adorable.
    • Her character design is very charming, as well as her very cute, 1930s-style esque outfit.
    • Her popularity became done-well.
    • Her theme song, "Shrinkin' Violette" is very heartwarming.
    • While she had some heartwarming moments, Violette had lots of laughs, when she had many funny moments, in a favor of Little Audrey and the 1950s redesign of Olive Oyl.
  12. "Big Bird Tree" was the series' most heartwarming and pure emotional episode, revealing that the big bird tree is Violette's home, as she wishes about her home and adorably singing a heartwarming song about her home.
  13. Very appealing humor, influenced by two of the most famous Warner Bros. cartoon directors: Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett.
  14. Decent writing.
  15. Many heartwarming moments.
  16. The Funny Company clubhouse was pure creative.
  17. Superb soundtrack, including the very heroic theme song.
  18. The plot around Buzzer and his friends, making Shrinkin' Violette a child actress in Hollywood, is pure heartwarming and very charming.
    • On the top of that, the very heartwarming series finale, with The Funny Company proudly made the movie featuring Shrinkin' Violette.
  19. The relationship between Buzzer Bell and Shrinkin' Violette is very cute, and it has a heartwarming chemistry between them.
  20. It was the very huge kickstart of children's E/I programming in America.
    • The success of The Funny Company led most of the TV studios around the world, to air more kids' educational programs, including Sesame Street and Zoom.
  21. It proudly received children's books, music soundtrack and toys, due to the theme's lyrics, "Stories, songs, toys".

Bad Qualities

  1. Its Spanish dub sounds very unfunny.
  2. Super Chief didn't speak, only able to HONK!
  3. The backgrounds looks almost unfinished.


  • The series originally was syndicated to local stations all over the country, normally with the segments as part of a locally-produced children's show. The show first aired on both ABC and NBC affiliate (now only NBC) KOMU-TV Channel 8 in Jefferson City, Missouri on September 21, 1963, and was later carried on WOR-TV New York City three days later.
  • Formerly throughout its history, The Funny Company is broadcast on TBN's Smile of a Child TV network (now Smile) in early Monday mornings and late Friday nights until the show is pulled off the air in June 2016. This series was also known as a Chicago television original, especially on WGN-TV's Garfield Goose and Friends and in the 1980s on WPWR-TV.
  • The reruns of the series was aired on NBC from 1977 to 1982, and on ABC from 1982 to 1987, during Saturday mornings. It also aired on the PBS network from 1977 to late 1992 every weekday, and on Saturday mornings from 1987 to Summer 1996.
    • It being aired on Nickelodeon from 1981 to early 1993, on cable and satellite.
  • The series sold internationally and ran for several years in Ireland.


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