The Magic School Bus

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The Magic School Bus
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It's time to take chances! Make mistakes, and get messy!
Genre: Adventure
Science fantasy
Running Time: 25 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 10, 1994 – December 6, 1997
Network(s): PBS
Created by: Joanna Cole
Bruce Degen
Distributed by: Nelvana
Starring: Lily Tomlin
Lisa Yamanaka
Danny Tamberelli
Daniel DeSanto
Tara Meyer
Erica Luttrell
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 52
Next show: The Magic School Bus Rides AgainTTSW

The Magic School Bus is a Canadian-American Saturday morning animated children's television series, based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen.


Miss Frizzle takes her class on a field trip, but this won't be a normal field trip as the bus can transform into a plane, submarine, spaceship, even a surfboard, this bus carries Miss Frizzle and her students on incredible adventures and teaches them about space, wildlife and the human body.

Why It Rocks

  1. The show stays 100% faithful to the book series.
  2. Nice animation that fits the artstyle of the book series. However, the only difference is that Dorothy Ann in the book series wears (a yellow shirt and pink plaid skirt), while in the TV series (she wears a violet sweater and a teal skirt).
  3. It manages to educate and entertain children very well with its whimsical tone.
  4. Nice voice acting. Lily Tomlin was excellent as Miss Frizzle.
  5. Funny and memorable catchphrases. Most notably Arnold's "I knew i should have stayed home today" and Dorothy Ann's "According to my research...".
  6. Catchy theme song.
  7. Several likable characters, such as Miss Frizzle, Liz, Arnold, Ralphie, Phoebe, etc.
  8. Each of the kids has their own personality.

Bad Qualities

  1. Miss Frizzle can be really disturbing and strange at times, as she drives the kids into dangerous situations.
  2. Arnold's cousin Janet can be pretty unlikable at times. Not only Janet, some of the main characters can also be unlikeable such as Keesha.
  3. There can be some gross-out scenes in some episodes such as "In a Pickle" and "Makes A Stink", as well as some other disturbing scenes.
    • "For Lunch" might have had a gross-out scene in the part where the bus, the class, and Miss Frizzle enter Arnold's large intestine. It physically showed feces (meaning it showed poop) falling from the roof of Arnold's large intestine.
    • The scene where Arnold purposely takes off his helmet on Pluto and freezes is quite disturbing and unfitting for a kids' show.


  • The Magic School Bus was popular in Italy.

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21 days ago
Score 1
This was the show that the schools showed me, and I enjoyed it!


21 days ago
Score 1
Not only do I remember watching this show, but I also played some PC educational games based on it in kindergarden. Plus, I even had a video game based on it for the Sega Genesis when I was, like, 4 or 5.


19 days ago
Score 2
Please let this be a normal field trip.

Tony Li

9 days ago
Score 0
With the Friz? NO WAY!!


14 days ago
Score 0
I loved to watch the show as a kid on Netflix.


8 days ago
Score 0
And that's where the disgusting reboot is being broadcasted.

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