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The Mask: Animated Series

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The Mask: Animated Series is an American animated television series based on the 1994 comedy, The Mask which was based on the comic book character of the same name by dark horse comics. The show ran for three seasons, from August 12, 1995 to August 30, 1997 on CBS.

Why It's Smokin'!

  1. It stays faithful to the movie it is based on.
  2. Very creative animation. While the humans have a realistic-looking appearance, whoever wears the Mask becomes a Tex Avery style cartoon character.
  3. Decent voice-acting, especially from Rob Paulsen as Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask.
  4. Plenty of likable characters like Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask and his dog, Milo.
  5. Memorable characters and especially villains.
  6. The humor and slapstick are both funny and decent.
  7. It had a crossover with Ace Ventura (another character played by Jim Carrey).
  8. Catchy Theme Song.
  9. Walter from The Mask Comics appears as a villain.
  10. Pretorius the main villain is voiced by Tim Curry which was a great choice for his acting carrier.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Some of the slapstick comes off as just awkward.