The Mean Machine (The Garfield Show)

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The Mean Machine (The Garfield Show)
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Technology has become ahead of humans and living creatures of Planet Sproket. And now it's time to them to rule the living inhabitats. But there's only one cat who's against technology and obeying others and he will be the savior of the earth and Planet Sproket.
Series: The Garfield Show
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 6-8a
Air Date: May 9, 2013 (France)
July 4, 2016 (Part 1) (US)
July 5, 2016 (Part 2) (US)
July 6, 2016 (Part 3) (US)
July 7, 2016 (Part 4) (US)
July 8, 2016 (Part 5) (US)
Writer: Mark Evanier
Director: Philippe Vidal
Previous episode: Bewitched
Next episode: Glitter Gulch

"The Mean Machine" is the third episode five-part special from the fourth season of The Garfield Show.


The Mean Machine - Smartphones Too Smart (Part 1)

An alien from Sprocket, a planet with advanced technology, plots to rule over Earth after seeing how people are dependent on technology.

The Mean Machine - Men of Steel (Part 2)

Garfield is targeted by robots from Sprocket when he is seen as a threat.

The Mean Machine - Robot Rampage (Part 3)

While on the run from robots, Garfield finds out that magnetics can destroy the robots. He also gains help from an unexpected ally.

The Mean Machine - Rocket to Sprocket (Part 4)

When Garfield and Odie learn the aliens' story, they help them regain their freedom by going to planet Sprocket.

The Mean Machine - The Robot Revolution (Part 5)

After they arrive in Sprocket, Garfield and the others prepare for a final showdown.

Why It Rocks

  1. Usually Sci-Fi episodes are too confusing and hard to be understand by the viewers on this show. But this episode is a total exception as they focusing on Garfield and Odie adventures saving the world from robot invaders.
  2. This episode is a parody of both "Wall-E" movie as it shows when technology taking over humans, "Star Wars" especially aliens who are the last inhabitant of planet sproket who planning to do a rebellion against Master Control and Master Control himself, and Zoey who's a parody of "Siri".
  3. Amazing plots and stories featuring the natural being with their fights against robots invasion and it's technology.
  4. This episodes shows the point of view of how if humans are too dependent on technology as their didn't use knowledge even to figuring out a simple thing as time goes by. With this we can learn that we must not relying too much on technology towards everything as we have a will do anything what we could all by ourselves.
  5. Mark Hamill as the guest stars of this episodes really cracking up the atmosphere of the story since he's the voice of Luke Skywalker from "Star Wars". Also this episode is very popular in United States because of the said reason.
  6. Moral of the story: "Technology isn't made for controlling us, they serves us."
  7. Blenn is a very likeable character as he's the one who brought Garfield and Odie into Master Control Headquarters and saving the world from robot invasions, yet on process freeing the inhabitant of Earth and Planet Sproket from Master Control's labor work.
  8. The robots like Master Control, Metalla, and Techno are likeable villains as well especially from their voice acting and their intelligence above humans and aliens from planet sprocket.
  9. They have a good CGI animation especially on the part when Garfield, Odie, and Blenn fight against Master Control and his army.
  10. A really great homage into "Star Wars" series especially on the characters like, Blenn is a parody of Luke Skywalker, Anja is a parody of Princess Leia, and Master Control is a parody of Darth Vader.
  11. The part when "Jim Davis" making a cameo as a robot who's trying to destroy Garfield is pretty funny especially the part when Garfield says how much money he cost to make him and he won't destroy him.
  12. Good Ending: As Garfield successfully thrown the compass into Goliath and unplugged the source of power, all humans and aliens from Master Control Headquarters are set free, the robots are reprogrammed from invasion into serving humans and aliens by the rebel group, and the villains now become Garfield's servant and chef as they serves food for the rest of their lives.
  13. Easter egg of Mrs. Cauldron as a cameo holding her Emmy Awards trophy as this is the very first series when June Foray (voice of Mrs. Cauldron) won an Emmy (although the "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" category is a fairly recent addition).

Bad Qualities

  1. If normally only Jon who's the bumbling idiot in the series. On this episode the whole earth and planet sproket aliens has become an idiot since technology has become way ahead of their intelligence as they serves to obey technologies. Only Garfield, Blenn, and Zoe who's still smart as they didn't get affected by technologies.
  2. Plot Hole: Why they're only using a giant plug in order to power out the whole system for Master Control, his army, and the robot factories since Master Control is smart enough to make a more complex source of electricity?


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