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The Miniavengers

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The Miniavengers (in French: Les Minijusticiers) is a French comic book and a cartoon series created by Zep. The show was first aired in 2008.

Why It Rocks

  1. Some of the scenes in some episodes are satisfying and awesome. (Especially Go Kart races)
  2. Likeable characters such as Jimmy, Axel, and Eliette.
  3. Some characters are cute and adorable.
  4. The 2nd episode Supersnurfl had great parts such as Igor swinging through buildings with booger powers which inspired Spiderman. (In fact, the whole episode was made to mock Spiderman)
  5. Very intense score soundtrack.
  6. The night time in this show looks intense and beautiful.
  7. Some characters are funny. Most likely Jimmy and Lucien.
  8. It also tried to mock Disney with the character Mireille's head resembling the character Mickey Mouse.
  9. The transformation scenes in every episode can be awesome at some points.
  10. The vehicles in the show are greatly made.
  11. Some scenes are funny in some episodes.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some episodes can be very disgusting. (Such as Supersnurfl and Superpudepié)
  2. In Superzozote, it showed a part where Carmen and Jimmy became naked and their crotches were showed, which can inappropriate for younger audiences.
  3. The 59th episode isn't the greatest and contained SJW moments.
  4. Carmen and Lily can be somewhat an unlikable character at some points.
  5. For some reason, the show didn't became that much popular. It is maybe because some people never heard of this show.
  6. The episode Superpipelette is too annoying because of Mireille talking too much.
  7. In the La Bande des Minijusticiers episodes, Marion's crying in some parts can be annoying and can be hard for viewers to listen.