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The Psycho Series

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The Psycho Series
Psycho Series Poster.jpg
Genre: Comedy


Running Time: Varies
Country: United States
Release Date: December 22, 2012 - June 6, 2016
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Jesse Ridgway
Distributed by: McJuggerNuggets
Starring: Jesse Ridgway

Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.
Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.
Theresa-Abraham Ridgway
Larry Abraham
Zachary Cornatzer
Melissa Stahlberger

Seasons: 18
Episodes: 684
Next show: The Devil Inside

The Psycho Series is a YouTube web series of McJuggerNuggets created by Jesse Ridgway. It lasted from December 22, 2012 to June 6, 2016.


The series focuses on Jesse and his dysfunctional family such as his psychotic and destructive father, his manipulative and mischievous older brother, his sweet and only non-destructive mother and their other family members.

Why It Ails Us?

  1. It is a great series that is known for destroying stuff and other crazy stuff.
  2. Likable characters such as Theresa, Uncle Larry, and Corn.
  3. Great acting.
  4. Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. is most famous for portraying the character "Psycho Dad" that has a short temper and destroys stuff.
  5. It has major plot points and character development for the characters.
  6. It's pretty entertaining to see Jesse's father flipping out and destroying stuff.
  7. Jesse throwing a tantrum such as taking his shirt off and screaming is funny.
  8. Psycho Dad's famous catchphrase: "What ails you?!"
  9. Funny and famous quotes.
  10. Pretty heartwarming moments, especially the ending.

Bad Qualities

  1. Jeffrey Sr., Jeffrey Jr., and Jesse can be very unlikable at times.
  2. Theresa could count as unlikable as she started behaving unreasonably mean towards Jesse when she started hanging out with Aunt Melissa.
  3. Jeffrey Sr. never shows remorse for his actions. The worst that he ever did was destroy Jesse's room in the Morton Building and knowing Jesse and his friend Corn were in there as if he was trying to murder them.
  4. Jesse is shown to become more hypocritical, selfish, immature, and disrespectful as he behaves like a spoiled brat and mooches off of people.
    1. Not to mention he's very incompetent when handling a job or doing a simple task.
  5. While the destructions are not bad, it seems like a bad waste of money.


The series gained positive reviews from fans, especially fans of McJuggerNuggets.


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