The Rebel Girls/We Are... (Magical Girl Site)

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These episodes are...not misfortunate.

The Rebels Girl/We Are... is a two episode finale from Magical Girl Site. They are the last two episodes of this series.

Why They Rock:

  1. It did fixed bigger problems from the manga by omitting Alice Magnuma/Misumi, who is also an "ally" of Aya and her friends and would betray them if they trust her.
  2. After all the misfortunate moments from the previous episodes, it felt like these last episodes are trying to fix huge problems with the series.
  3. The Magical Girl team do become successful in defeating one of the site admins for good unlike the manga.
  4. It thankfully had Yatsumura free from the Site Admin Nana's influence, despite what the manga did not.
  5. Aya, Yatsumura, and the others are still likeable.
  6. The last 2 episodes felt like a really satisfying, yet happy end to a magical girl series, despite it was pointless and was not resolved.
  7. In his comeuppance and fate from being sodomized and kidnapped by Detective Kichiro Misumi from episode 9 was well-deserving for all the abuse he did to Aya, despite it was pointless. Also, he deserved to be the scumbag himself.
  8. One of the Site Admins, Nana does die, apparently not seen in the manga.
  9. The pacing is decent and what could have been from the manga.
  10. All of the magical girls survived and they would have been saved for "Tempest".

Bad Qualities:

  1. This episode wasted the talents of well known voice actresses, Mamiko Noto, who voiced Ai Emma in Hell Girl, and Ayako Kawasumi who voiced Saber in the Fate series. Whom both of them have short roles.
  2. The ending was left unexplained after Aya and the girls defeated the 3 site admins, Hachi, Ni, and Nana, which had a bunch of plot-holes forgotten. Plus, it was not in the manga at all and the conclusion of stopping the King and the Magical Girl Site system is left unknown for now.
    • Aside from the unexplained ending, it feels that none of the scenes don't make any sense.
  3. Some scenes found from the manga are removed such as why Kichiro Misumi was kidnapping Kaname for.
  4. A tease of Alice Magnuma (Misumi) in a photo is probably a sequel-baiting.
  5. Nana, Ni and Hachi are sadly reduced into being weak final villains in this series.


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