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The Replacements

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The Replacements
Uh, Disney, we need a replacement...
The animated one.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Canada (Season 2)
Release Date: July 28, 2006 - March 30, 2009
Network(s): Disney Channel
ABC Kids
Toon Disney
Created by: Dan Santat
Distributed by: Disney Television Animation
Starring: Nancy Cartwright
Grey Griffin
Jeff Bennett
Kath Soucie
Daran Norris
David McCallum
Lauren Tom
Carlos Alazraqui
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 52

The Replacements is a Disney Channel series that from 2006 to 2009 and it was created by Dan Santat.


Two orphans, Riley and little brother Todd, answer an ad for Fleemco Replacement People and order new parents, a spy mother and daredevil father. As Riley and Todd go on adventures (or misadventures as it were), they team up with Conrad Fleem to replace any adult in their lives that they don't like, but they don't get to choose the replacements and sometimes their good intentions don't work out as they planned.

Why It's a Decent Replacement

  1. The idea of those two orphans and their new adopted family that they received through a program of the FleemCo company to replace people throughout the town is not only completely original, but it sounds very interesting.
  2. Decent voice acting, especially from Nancy Cartwright, Grey DeLisle Griffin, Kath Soucie, Daran Norris, and more.
  3. They had guest stars from other Disney Channel shows, such as Zac Efron (star of High School Musical), Jason Dolley (star of Cory in the House and Good Luck Charlie), Miley Cyrus (star of Hannah Montana), even among others.
  4. It has tons of likable characters, including Todd and Riley.
  5. Catchy and decent theme song.
  6. It has many funny moments every now and then.
  7. Decent animation style that gives you some Disney Channel vibes. (at least in season 1) (Depending on your view)
  8. It teaches some good morals and lessons.
  9. Interesting plot twist: In the series finale, "Irreplaceable", there's a self-admitted Shocking Swerve that Conrad Fleem is Todd and Riley's long-lost uncle, who created the "replacement" service as a way to care for them indirectly because he knew nothing about parenting.

Bad Qualities

  1. C.A.R.T.E.R. aka C.A.R. can be unlikable sometimes, especially when he doesn't take his family seriously, including Dick.
  2. Similar to Johnny Test, Season 2 had some continuity errors like:
    • In the first season, Riley wears a green scrunchie on her hair strip, but for some weird reason in the second season, she wears a purple one.
      • She also wore a red and green belt in the first season, but in season 2, her belt is blue and purple.
    • Todd wears shorts in the season 2 opening like he did in the first season, but for a strange reason in the actual second season itself, he wears long pants.
    • It never made any sense why they redesigned the characters and changed the art style at the last minute after the first season, which makes it feel like a modern animated reboot series from the 2010s to 2020s based from a 1980s or 90s to 2000s cartoon series than an actual season of an original show.
    • Riley had no sleeves on her yellow shirt in the first season, but for an unexpected reason in the second season, she wore short sleeves.
  3. There were some bad episodes here and there, such as:
    • "Kumquat Day"
    • "Conrad's Day Off" (a bad way to end Season 1 and it could've been a bad way to end the series).
    • "Ball Hogs"
    • "The Revenge of Prince Cinnamon-Boots"
    • "Double Trouble"
    • "Injustice is Blind" (arguably the worst episode)
    • "Davey Hunkerhoff"
    • "Truth or Daring" and "Toddbusters" (also counts as the worst).
  4. The character designs are pretty ugly and unappealing (depending on your view).


  • This show, along with The Emperor's New School and Hannah Montana was aired on ABC Kids only for the first season on Saturday mornings until early Fall 2011.
  • As of November 12, 2019, it is now available to stream on Disney+ as one of the streaming service’s launch titles. But, for reasons unknown, season two is absent from the service. Luckily, the entire series, including season two, is also available on iTunes, but this is also currently the only legal way to watch the second season (meaning that you have to buy the episodes or the entire season to watch it) and some of the episodes are out of order (e.g. "Irreplaceable" is listed as the third-to-last episode on iTunes).


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