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The Return of Robotgirl (Robotboy)

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The Return of Robotgirl (Robotboy)
"Professor Moshimo must be in some kind of trouble! Maybe Robotgirl can help us!"
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 13a
Air Date: September 27, 2008
Writer: Robert Mittenthal and Micheal Rubiner
Director: Bob Camp and Heath Kenny
Previous episode: Everybody Loves Grandma
Next episode: Momma's Boy

The Return of Robotgirl is the the 103rd and penultimate segment of Robotboy and the 98th episode in production order.


Robotboy’s friend and fellow creation of Professor Moshimo, Robotgirl, arrives at Tommy’s suffering from memory damage and bearing a distress message from Moshimo. When Tommy and Robotboy finally manage to get her to lead them to Moshimo, it turns out they’re walking right into a trap set by another Moshimo creation: Protoboy, who seeks to lure his fellow robots to their doom.

Why It Rocks

  1. As the title implies, this episode has fan favourite character Robotgirl reappear and if that wasn't enough, Protoboy makes a surprise appearance as well.
  2. It manages to pull off a more dramatic episode better then The Revenge of Protoboy, balancing light moments with darker scenes relatively well; comedy and drama don't clash with each other and the episode isn't obviously as edgy as Revenge.
  3. Funny moments like when Gus gets punched several times.
  4. An interesting mystery with what happened to Moshimo until it's revealed near the climax.
  5. Gus, Lola and Protoboy all get to meet Robotgirl here.
    • Lola's friendship with Robotgirl was also a nice idea.
  6. Protoboy's surprise appearance was a cool touch and was done well.
  7. The titanium factory set looks very nice.
  8. We get to see Robotgirl fight for the first (and only time), even if it isn't done too well.
  9. Cool scene where Superactivated Robotboy saves everyone.
  10. For those who hated how Protoboy always dies and comes back for (literally) no explained reason, the ending leaves his fate ambiguous, and it was later confirmed that he did survive by the series creator. Robert Mittenthal also felt he survived.

Bad Qualities

  1. Gus is not very likable as usual, even making Robotgirl cry.
  2. Lola gets onto Robotboy and Tommy, even though they didn't do anything to hurt Robotgirl unlike Gus.
  3. The fight scene with Robotgirl and Protoboy is kinda lame, it isn't edited too well and there isn't much actual fighting as there could have been. Same with superactivated Robotboy and Protoboy later on, though that has more of an excuse.
  4. It is disappointing we never see Robotgirl superactivated.
  5. Lame ending, Robotboy and his friends escape the titanium factory, it explodes. Literally, that's it!


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