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The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit (Tom and Jerry)

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"First, put the sweet, lovable mouse into a simple situation expressing a natural human need, such as eating a slice of watermelon contained in our kit. The result may not make sense, but it will last long enough for you to be comfortably seated before the feature begins."

The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit (Tom and Jerry)
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Keep in mind that this cartoon kit comes from the Gene Deitch era.
Episode Number: 123
Air Date: August 10, 1962
Previous episode: Dicky Moe
Next episode: Tall in the Trap

The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit is a 1962 Tom and Jerry cartoon. The cartoon's plot generally pokes fun at the original Hanna-Barbera Tom and Jerry shorts in general.


The cartoon begins with a demonstration for the Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit, with which "anyone can now enter the lucrative field of animated cartoons." The items in the kit include the following:

  • Tom (described as "one mean, stupid cat")
  • Jerry (described as "one sweet, lovable mouse")
  • A hammer, knife, and stick of dynamite (collectively referred to as "assorted deadly weapons")
  • Coffee and cigarettes (removed from kit and described as being "for the cartoonists")
  • A slice of watermelon

Why It Deserves Cheese

  1. The episode itself is creative and experimental with the Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit and throughout the episode is very creative nature.
  2. The short reached its great potential unlike the awful Sorry Safari.
  3. It's one of the funnier and less cruel Gene Deitch shorts, This episode relies on funny and light-hearted moments rather mean-spirited moments.
  4. Surprisingly enough, this short, along with Buddies Thicker Than Water, is when Jerry Mouse is likable here since he acts like his original counterpart and didn’t hurt Tom very brutally.
  5. Memorable scenes such as where upon he starts dancing and shaking his body to make maraca sounds. Tom catches him in a metal can and uses him as a shaker for his own dance, Tom eats a whole watermelon which made his head a transform to a cannon, Tom getting warped around his body, and Tom and Jerry doing judo as the two have a breaking contest, with each trying to outdo the other.
  6. The sound effects are tame and tolerable in this cartoon.
  7. Funny ending: The two have a breaking contest, with each trying to outdo the other. The contest ends abruptly when Tom tries to break a huge block of marble, which crashes through the floor and takes him with it. The unconscious Tom ends up in the battered box. Jerry replaces the lid as the narrator explains, "Our next film will be for the kiddies, and will demonstrate a new poison gas. Thank you and good night." Jerry shuts the box with Tom in the end scene. The music winds to a stop as if it was being played on a slowing phonograph record and Jerry bows to the audience in typical Japanese fashion.

bad qualities

  1. There is an animation error where Tom's eyebrows disappear.
  2. According to the narrator, cigars and coffee can cause drugs and caffeine, so therefore they are banned in the cartoon kit.


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