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The Weird Al Show

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The Weird Al Show
Weird Al Show.jpg
Oh, this is a story 'bout a guy named Al...
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 13 – December 6, 1997
Network(s): CBS
Created by: Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic
Distributed by: Ear Booker Productions
Dick Clark Productions
Starring: Brian Haley
Gary LeRoi Gray
Judy Tenuta
Paula Jai Parker
Danielle Weeks
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13

The Weird Al Show is an American television show based on music artist and musician, "Weird Al" Yankovic. The show aired on CBS in 1997 for 1 season of 13 episodes, the show got an official DVD release by Shout! Factory in 2006. The show follows Al as he hosts his own TV show in his underground home.

Why It Rocks

  1. The theme song is very catchy and visuals change from 2D, CGI, and Stop-Motion; which is creative.
  2. The 2D and CGI in the theme song was handled by DNA Productions, they also animated the Fat-Man cartoons in the show as well.
  3. Al himself is a pretty likable character, and his humor is still good just like in his songs and parodies.
  4. It introduces new characters like the Hooded Avenger and Bobby the Inquisitive Boy, which is just entertaining to watch.
    • FatMan and his sidekick, Harvey, are also introduced into their own animated segments called The Adventures of Fatman; FatMan and Harvey have good chemistry, and their character dynamic works well off each other. Which can be considered a cartoonish parody of comedic duos like Hong Kong Phooey’s Penry Pooch and Spot, and/or Earthworm Jim’s Jim and Peter Puppy; especially the dynamic of a heroic fool with a loyal sidekick who is way smarter than the hero himself.
  5. Some elements that originated from Al TV (Harvey the Wonder Hamster and Al's Mailbag) were used in this show.
  6. It has some really good lessons to tell viewers.
  7. Tons of intelligent and satirical writing that makes you think and laugh.
  8. They would sometimes have a band play at the end of an episode.
  9. In the episode Time Machine, Al plays one of his songs Yoda at the end of the episode.
  10. Sometimes, the end credits would show a clip of one of Al's music videos, like Dare to Be Stupid, Like a Surgeon, and Fat.
  11. Some of the actors and characters from Al's movie UHF, appeared on the show.
  12. The segments where Al watched TV are pretty funny like the Pirate Daycare commercial and the Fred Huggins Show.
    • Speaking of segments, the FatMan cartoons are quirky parodies of those types of cartoons from the early/recent days of television that provide "dumb/silly fun" (i.e the 60s Batman show and/or the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon), which is simply entertaining and hilarious to watch because of how well-written it is.

Bad Qualities

  1. The show was canceled after 13 episodes of just one season.
  2. In the episode The Obligatory Holiday Episode, Al was pretty unlikeable throughout the episode's run. But he did learn his lesson in the end.
  3. The show can be considered to be way too similar to Pee-Wee's Playhouse, especially because of sharing a similar style with light-hearted weirdness.
  4. Working on the show was stressful according to Al and it wasn't the show that he envisioned it to be.
  5. The infamous Ear Booker Productions logo that plays after the credits can cause epilepsy to those who are prone to seizures, the flickering and flashing lights especially.


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