The Wiggles (TV Series 1)

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The Wiggles (TV Series 1)
"It's Wiggle Time" - The Wiggles, 1997
Genre: Preschool
Running Time: 22 minutes
11 minutes (2011, US)
Country: Australia
Release Date: 1998
Network(s): ABC Kids
Created by: The Wiggles
Distributed by: Unknown
Starring: Murray Cook
Jeff Fatt
Anthony Field
Greg Page
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13

The Wiggles is a 1998 tv series based on a successful children's band in Australia in the same name that premiered on the Seven & Prime Network in Australia

Why It Rocks

  1. Many of the songs in this show are great and decent, especially the theme song (Get Ready to Wiggle) and the closing theme (The Chase), even though they were taken from some albums, videos, and concert footages.
  2. The Wiggles themselves are likable characters like Greg (yellow), Murray (red), Jeff (purple), and Anthony (blue) .
  3. The acting in most episodes is good and crystal clear.
  4. Many of the segments like Wigglehouse are very good.
  5. It has funny moments and good morals in some episodes.
  6. This show is not only faithful to the band, but also the 1997 film very well.
  7. Great supporting characters such as Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus, Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword.

Bad Qualities

  1. The songs may be annoying for some people sometimes.
  2. Some episodes may recycle footage from other episodes.


  • In June 1997, the series was originally planned to be 26 episodes, but in the end The Wiggles only filmed 13.
  • This and The Wiggles (TV Series 2) never aired on ABC Kids.


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