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Time Warp Trio

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You can catch a ride with the Time Warp Trio! Go!

Time Warp Trio is an American-Canadian animated television series based on the children's book series of the same name by Jon Scieszka. It aired on the "Real Toons" block on the Discovery Kids channel from July 9, 2005 to July 15, 2006. It is the first cartoon on the block to feature time travel, the second being The Future is Wild.


On his tenth birthday, Joseph "Joe" Arthur receives a mysterious blue book from his magician uncle and namesake, "Joe the Magnificent", known only as "The Book". Using a number of often unpredictable and/or unintentional voice and print cues, The Book frequently transports Joe and his friends, Fred and Sam, to a variety of places in history, and to the future in the year 2105, where they meet their own great-granddaughters, Jodie, Samantha and Freddi. The only way they are able to return to present-day Brooklyn, New York is to find The Book again within whatever time period they are in. Later in the series, Joe's evil uncle, Mad Jack, makes several attempts to capture the children and The Book with his crafty tricks.

Why It Rocks

  1. It teaches viewers history in a fun and exciting way and without having it coming across as boring and uninteresting.
  2. You get to see the main characters interact with various historical figures.
  3. Interesting plot and great characters.
  4. Catchy theme song.
  5. It features many facts about rarely-mentioned Asian, African, South Pacific or pre-Columbian American cultures.
  6. Despite having some historical inaccuracies at times, it even pokes fun at fictionalized versions of historical figures, time periods and events.

Bad Qualities

  1. It can have some inaccurate historical facts at times.
  2. Like The Future is Wild and Growing Up Creepie, it only lasted for one season with 26 episodes.
  3. Cheap Flash animation with transitions moving statically at times.
  4. Some of the characters can be unlikable.