Tom and Jerry Kids

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Tom and Jerry Kids
"It's the Tom and Jerry Kids, gotta be here for the action is."
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 21 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 8, 1990 – December 4, 1993
Network(s): Fox (1990-1994)
Spacetoon TV (July 13 2000 - sometime in 2011)
Distributed by: Turner Entertainment
Starring: Frank Welker
William Callaway
Teresa Ganzel
Dick Gautier
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 65
Previous show: The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show
Next show: Tom and Jerry Tales

Tom & Jerry Kids is an American animated children's comedy television series co-produced by Hanna-Barbera and Turner Entertainment Co., and starring the cat-and-mouse duo Tom and Jerry as children (kitten and mouse). It began airing as the first program of the Fox children's block, Fox Kids, (known as Fox Kids Network at the time this show aired) on September 8, 1990 and ended on December 4, 1993.

Why It Rocks

  1. It is a huge improvement over The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) and The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show.
  2. Is the most positive and under-appreciated cartoon show based on Tom and Jerry classic shorts.
  3. Brings back the charm of the original shorts.
  4. Tom and Jerry are cute as kids.
    • The little Tom is the most important and more cute.
    • Jerry has his bowtie from the The Tom and Jerry Show (1975).
  5. The voice acting is decent.
  6. Great animation.
  7. New memorable characters such as Dripple, Miss Vavoom, Clyde, Kyle, Calaboose Cal, Wild Mouse, etc. Even the one-time character are memberable.
  8. Tyke can now talk in the series for the first time.
  9. The characters get there own episodes starring Droopy, Spike and Tyke, and more.
  10. McWolf is an hilarious antagonist for Droopy.
  11. Hilarious Moments such as McWolf throwing bullets at Droopy saying "We can't have guns in this cartoon".
  12. Is the first series to feature episodes that one of duo appearing awhile other don't, for Ex: Wild Mouse cartoon featuring Tom.
  13. The series spawn 4 seasons just like The Tom and Jerry Show (2014.
  14. It spawned a Droopy spin-off Droopy: Master Detective, but sadly, his spin-off series didn't last for very long.
  15. Catchy theme song, especially saxophone cues and vocals.
  16. Has a crossover episode: Scrapheap Symphony.
  17. The following shows, Tom and Jerry Tales and The Tom and Jerry Show (2014) are also well-received.

Bad Quatites

  1. Some of characters like Nibbles Mouse, Karl (Kyle's son), Bernie Bird, Lightningbolt the Squirrel, Stinker Jr. (Mcwolf's son), don't make enough appearances. For Example. Nibbles only appear in Season 4 epsiode Musketeer Jr. and Karl only apperaing in the Season 1 epiosde Puss'n Pups.
  2. Characters like Butch, Quacker, Toodles Galore, Lightning, Topsy, etc. still don't appear in the series. Which was a missed opportunity, but at least appear again such as Tom and Jerry Tales.
  3. Eliza, from the episode Tom, the Babysitter, was a huge jerk to Tom, when he was protecting and taking better care of the baby than she, who was talking on the phone. She is considered Jeannie's version of this series from the original series, in fact both were negligent with their babysitting work and falsely blame Tom, who was taking good care of the baby.


  • Tom and Jerry Kids was popular in Europe, especially in Italy.
  • The guy who designed the characters from the show from Season 2-4 onwards, Butch Hartman, later created The Fairly OddParents!, Danny Phantom, among other of his Nickelodeon shows.
  • The reboot of this series was announced as Tom and Jerry Junior in February 2021, it was currently in development, but still unknown if it had a same connection to Tom & Jerry Kids or something completely different, the only differences is that it would take place in the classroom, so others were not confirmed yet.




6 months ago
Score -2
This. Sucks.


6 months ago
Score 2
I love this show, especially for Tom and McWolf.


2 months ago
Score 1
Just lke looney tunes has tiny toons and scooby doo has a pup named scooby doo so tom and jerry have this !


one month ago
Score 0
Don't forget The Flintstones Kids, that existed as well.

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