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Toon Disney (1998-2003)

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Toon Disney
Toon Disney.jpg
Totally unreal.
Genre: Animated programming
Running Time: 24 hours a day
Country: United States
Release Date: April 18, 1998 - February 13, 2009
Created by: Disney–ABC Television Group
Distributed by: The Walt Disney Company
Starring: Joe Alaskey (2001-2004)
Jason Marsden (2004-2007)
Mikey Kelley (2007-2009)

Toon Disney was a 24-hour American cable television channel owned by The Walt Disney Company that aired mostly children's animated television series from 1998 to 2009.

Why It Was Totally Unreal

  1. It functioned as a spin-off of Disney Channel, showing the best of Disney's cartoons and movies in one place.
  2. Some good Disney cartoons that they aired:
  3. It had a "Big Movie Show" there, marathons, and of course, Jetix.
  4. The commercials, promos and bumpers are pretty fun to watched and the website was also fun to play games and watch videos on.
  5. The logo itself was really great. The first was Mickey Mouse/Disney Channel's 1997 logo, the second was the bouncy TV screen's ears, the third was red, yellow, blue and silver that used and later for Jetix and fourth and final was black, red, and yellow.
  6. During the 2000's, the channel launches an online called Passport to Reading, where it showed about education for shows as well as for Jetix.
  7. Along with Playhouse Disney and ABC Kids, it was one of Disney's best networks to watched during the late 90's and 2000's.

Bad Qualities

  1. While it was good, some cartoons they aired weren't that great, especially Teamo Supremo and Quack Pack.
  2. Along with Jetix, it was replaced by Disney XD on February 13, 2009, instead of being separated to another block.
  3. While the Jetix block was decent, the block chose to expand itself and took up 85% of Toon Disney's programming time, which caused the channel to go downhill in its remaining years from 2004 until the end of the channel in 2009.
  4. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, while the show was decent, aired on the channel. In fact that's actually really jarring considering the fact Zack & Cody is a live-action show and not an animated series.


  • The 3 people who were the voice announcers are named Joe Alaskey, Jason Marsden, and Mikey Kelley and the other person is unknown.
  • The 2 countries that showed Toon Disney, such as Germany and Italy, were the last ones to shut down, one was Germany that was shut down on April 15, 2010 and for Italy on October 1, 2011.


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