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Toot & Puddle

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"What a wonderful world to see!"

Toot & Puddle is an American/Canadian children's animated television series based on the book series of the same name by author Holly Hobbie. Produced by Mercury Filmworks, National Geographic Kids, Treehouse Originals and Noggin Originals, the series originally aired on Noggin in the United States and Treehouse TV in Canada.

Why It Rocks

  1. It stays faithful to the book series and it isn't a huge disgrace like Donkey Hodie.
  2. Wonderful animation that fits the art style from the books. But, in the book, they have black, dotted eyes. In the show, they have normal eyes.
  3. It teaches kids about friendship, discoveries, traveling, and much more.
  4. Very memorable and outstanding songs, with the "Boomerang Song" being the best one in the entire series.
  5. Likable characters, such as Toot, Puddle, Opal, and Tulip.
    • Toot, the protagonist of the show, likes to explore places. Infact, he loves exploring so much, that he's rarely seen in the house.
    • Puddle, the other protagonist, is Toot's friend. He also likes to explore, but he thinks that the area he lives in much more interesting than other far lands.
    • Opal is an energetic pig who likes to asks questions through the entire series.
    • Tulip, while most of the characters are pigs, she is actually a parrot! She lives in Woodcock Forest and seen in Toot and Puddle's kitchen.
  6. Nice voice acting from the voice actors. None of the characters have annoying voices, and they aren't ear-grating either.
  7. The theme song is redeemable and amazing.

Bad Qualities

  1. While good voice acting, the scripts are a bit cheesy.
  2. It got cancelled after one season, which is quite disappointing.


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