Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island (Total Drama island)

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Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island (Total Drama Island)
Total Drama's version of Survivor's Reunion Specials.
Series: Total Drama
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 27 (Season + Overall)
Air Date: Canada: November 29, 2008

US: December 18, 2008

Writer: Brendon Yorke
Director: Todd Kauffman

Mark Thornton

Previous episode: The Very Last Episode, Really!
Next episode: Monster Cash (Total Drama Action)

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island is the special episode of Total Drama Island.


The twenty-two ex-contestants travels across Camp Wawanakwa to find the case of $1,000,000.

Why It Rocks

  1. It's Total Drama's version of Survivor's reunion specials.
    • This is also the first time to have only 42-44 minutes as opposed to 21-22 minutes.
  2. The idea of finding a case of $1,000,000 & keep it afterwards after brining it to a certain place is very original.
  3. All characters are likable.
  4. Lots of funny moments:
    • Bridgette & Geoff making out.
    • Cody, DJ, Owen & Tyler tied themselves after they don't trust each other with the money.
    • Katie & Sadie fighting over Justin.
    • Noah tells Duncan that he's "less of a man" after he sprained his ankle & Courtney betrays him.
  5. The scene where Heather opens up to Harold is emotional.
  6. Unexpected ending/sequel baiting: After 14 contestants (Beth, Bridgette, DJ, Duncan, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Heather, Izzy, Justin, Leshawna, Lindsay, Owen, Trent) ended up in the water, as well as the 1 million dollars was eaten by a shark, Chris decides to start a second season, "Total Drama Action".
    • Although Courtney did not initially return for the second season, she will later do so starting in "Ocean's Eight or Nine".

Bad Qualities

  1. Some mean-spirited moments.
    • Chris wouldn't accept Gwen's decision on if she can keep the $100,000 in her ending.
    • Gwen, Leshawna & Trent laughs at Heather for getting beaten up by beavers (her hair being shaved is already embarrassing enough)
    • Courtney willing to kill Cody, DJ, Owen & Tyler if they don't give her the case.
  2. Plot hole: If Cody, DJ, Owen & Tyler were tied up; then how Owen & DJ was qualified for Action while Cody & Tyler didn't?
  3. There is a gross-out moment where Owen kissed Izzy's hand, then the latter vomits on the grilled steak.


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