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Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

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Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race
"This is...The Ridonculous Race!"
Genre: Animated comedy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: Canada
Release Date: September 7 – October 9, 2015
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Created by: Tom McGillis
Jennifer Pertsch
Distributed by: Cake Entertainment
Seasons: 1 (7th season of "Total Drama" in the USA)
Episodes: 26 (Episodes 118-143 in the USA)
Previous show: Total Drama: Pahkitew Island
Next show: Total DramaRama

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race is the first spin-off of Total Drama series, focusing more on a racing around the world theme instead of the traditional survival theme like the main series.

Why It Rocks

  1. It brings back the humor and charisma of the original Total Drama after the mixed reception of All-Stars and Pahkitew Island.
  2. This spin-off is based on The Amazing Race, having many gameplay elements of the show.
  3. Likeable and memorable teams, such as The Sisters (Kitty and Emma), Father and Son (Dwayne and Junior), The Police Cadets (MacArthur and Sanders), The Best Friends (Devin and Carrie) and The Goths (Ennui and Crimson).
  4. Some contestants from other Total Drama seasons are back, which are Geoff, Owen, Noah and Leonard.
    • Speaking of Geoff, The Ridonculous Race marks Geoff's return to Total Drama after 4 seasons of inactivity.
  5. The challenges are very cool, exciting and dangerous to watch.
  6. A lot of funny jokes and moments.
  7. The countries were well represented in this show, and despite having some jokes about them, the show still respects the culture and diversity of the countries.
  8. Some satisfying moments, like when The Ice Dancers (Josee and Jacques) are finally eliminated from the race or when Kelly finally tells off her cruel arrogant daughter, Taylor.
  9. Good voice acting.
  10. Well made character development of some characters, like when Devin and Carrie finally confessed their feelings to each other.
  11. Anne Maria, Blaineley, Chris McLean, and Ezekiel (albeit as a picture on a wanted poster) appeared as cameos in the last episode.
  12. This was the first time since Total Drama: Revenge of the Island where all of the eliminated contestants are shown supporting the final two. More vocally, the Stepbrothers (Chet and Lorenzo) say that they want the Police Cadets to win.
  13. Don, the host of the show, is much more nice to the contestants, unlike Chris McLean who is more cruel and sadistic, especially in the later episodes. For example, Don is willing to check customs before proceeding with the challenges, something he did in "Hello and Dubai".
  14. Several characters that had focus in previous seasons do not appear in any physical form throughout the race.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some teams can be hit-or-miss, like The Adversity Twins (Jay & Mickey), The Stepbrothers (Lorenzo & Chet), and Mother & Daughter (Kelly & Taylor), while others are terrible like The LARPers (Leonard & Tammy), The Tennis Rivals (Gerry & Pete), and The Geniuses (Ellody & Mary).
  2. Like all the Total Drama seasons, there is some gross-out humor.
  3. Some inconsinsenty, like team members doing a part of a challenge when it should have been the other person. This occurred with the Rockers in episodes 1-3 and other examples.
  4. Some mean-spirited moments, like when The Vegans (Laurie and Miles) are forced to eat meat in a challenge, or the Ice Dancers causing The Goths to be eliminated from the season.
  5. As mentioned on WIR#4, Leonard from Pahkitew Island returns, which wasn't a very good idea, since he was one of the most weakest and annoying contestants in the Total Drama series, thankfully he and his partner Tammy were the first team to be eliminated.
  6. Speaking of returning contestants, none of the female contestants from the past six seasons return to the spin-off. The four returning contestants were all males.
    • In addition, none of the contestants from Revenge of the Island compete in the race.
  7. The love stories can get dragged out, particularly the Best Friends' and Daters'.
  8. While Don is a great host, he is not as memorable enough as Chris McLean.
    • Also, Don is a bit of narcissist in some episodes (but not as much as Chris).
  9. Some weaker episodes, such as "Brazilian Pain Forest" and "Lord Of The Ring Toss".
  10. In regards to WIR11, Chris and Blaineley not only have their faces covered up in their cameos, but fans wished some of their favorite characters made full-on cameos like Anne Maria did.


The show received mixed reviews by the fans, in IMDb, it has received an average rating of 6.8 stars. However, many fans stated that this spin-off is an improvement over Total Drama series, compared to All-Stars and Pahkitew Island.


  • This is currently the only show in the Total Drama franchise where Christian Potenza is not involved in the voice cast.
  • Despite being a spin-off, many non-Canadian countries billed The Ridonculous Race as a Total Drama season.
    • Specifically, Cartoon Network in the United States marketed the first spin-off as "season 7" of Total Drama.