Trash Talk (Kick Buttowski)

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Trash Talk (Kick Buttowski)
Screenshot 20210819-113748.jpg
This episode is anything but "trash".
Part of Season: 2b
Episode Number: 22a
Air Date: February 18, 2012
Writer: Eric Rivera
Director: Chris Savino
Clay Morrow
Previous episode: Swap Meet
Next episode: Poll Position

"Trash Talk" is the first half of the twenty-second episode in the second season's second half of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


Kick is caught littering by Officer Irwin and is assigned highway clean-up duty, but a pesky rival makes Kick's job harder. Can Kick (with Gunther's help) bring this rival to justice or will he be buried by the one thing he's supposed to get rid of?

Why It's Anything But "Trash"

  1. Although Kick and Gunther get caught littering by the police and are forced to do community service, they're still likable for trying to do the policemens' request.
  2. It teaches a tiny bit of Spanish when Kick said the translation for "never trust a strange pinata".
  3. Although Chuck wasn't likable for making Kick and Gunther's side a mess over and over, his backstory is kind of justified due to a bulldozer running over his house.
  4. Although Kick and Gunther simply say to Chuck that they'll stay away from his lawn, it turns out that the police were in the place Chuck threw the trash in, therefore, he gets his comeuppance.
  5. Good Ending: As mentioned above, Chuck gets his comeuppance when the police were in the spot Chuck threw the trash in and so, he gets arrested. Kick then gets his squeaky clean award by the rich lady but hands it over to the police, along with the $10,000 check, and it ends with Chuck getting trash thrown at him while doing community service.

Bad Qualities

  1. Kick didn't know what Honey meant when she said "take out the trash", as he put the garbage bags in a hammock rather than a garbage can, causing them to get caught littering.
  2. Chuck Glarman is an unlikable character, as he keeps littering Kick and Gunther's cleaning side (along with the places they were) with trash, and only wants his side clean rather than helping the duo. But he gets his karma at the end as mentioned above.



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