Treehouse of Horror (The Simpsons)

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Treehouse of Horror (The Simpsons)
"Tonight's show, which I wash my hands of, is really scary. If you have sensitive kids, maybe you should tuck them into bed... instead of writing us angry letters. Thanks for your attention." - Marge Simpson
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 21-24 Minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: October 25, 1990 - present
Network(s): Fox
Created by: Matt Groening
James L. Brooks
Sam Simon
Distributed by: 20th Television (1990-2020)
Disney–ABC Domestic Television (2020–present)
Starring: Dan Castellaneta
Julie Kavner
Nancy Cartwright
Yeardley Smith
Hank Azaria
Harry Shearer
Episodes: 31

Treehouse of Horror, also known as The Simpsons Halloween Specials, is a series of Halloween-themed episodes of the animated sitcom The Simpsons, each consisting of three separate, self-contained segments. These segments usually involve the Simpson family in some horror, science fiction, or supernatural setting. They take place outside the show's normal continuity and completely abandon any pretense of being realistic, being known for their far more violent and much darker nature than an average Simpsons episode.

Why It Rocks

  1. It have a great combination dark nature and comedy.
  2. The writing for these episodes are very well written and manage to be unique and different every single time.
  3. Tons of unforgettable, terrifying and/or funny segments including:
    • The Shinning
    • Homer3
    • The Monkey's Paw
    • The Devil and Homer Simpson
    • Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores
    • Time and Punishment
  4. The opening segments are unique and interesting too such as Guillermo del Toro's couch gag in Treehouse of Horror XXIV.
  5. Even some of the modern Treehouse of Horror segments are really good too, such as:
    • Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off
    • Survival of the Fattest
    • I've Grown a Costume on Your Face
    • It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse
    • Don't Have a Cow, Mankind
    • The Others
    • Coralisa
  6. They have quite a lot of hilarious moments such as Homer pretending to "go crazy" in The Shinning and Homer getting his hand stuck in the toaster in Time and Punishment.
  7. The animation is fantastic as usual.
  8. Although many of the segments are parodies to movies and tv shows, some of them are original stories such as "The Thing and I" and "B.F.F R.I.P".
  9. There was even a Thanksgiving special of this series called "Thanksgiving of Horror", which was also a really good spin-off.

Bad Qualities

  1. There are some segments that are either unfunny, unpleasant, disturbing, not scary or just boring such as:
    • Night of the Dolphin
    • Married to the Blob
    • The Diving Bell and Butterball
    • Terror at 5 1/2 Feet (depending on your view)
    • In the Na'Vi
    • Mmm... Homer
  2. Even though some of them are good, a few segments sometimes rely too much on movie/TV show parodies rather than making a scary story, which of course, had to be the intention.
  3. "Treehouse of Horror XXII" is the weakest of the Treehouse of Horror episodes. Though there are some good and bad jokes, it's one of the more mediocre three-segment episodes of the series due to the first segment relying solely on toilet humor (for context, Homer was paralyzed and could only communicate by farting constantly) and the third segment relying on dated pop-culture references to movies like Avatar (the episode was released two years after the movie stopped being relevant).
  4. While the beginning segments are amazing, Treehouse of Horror XXXI is extremely controversial due to the beginning scene relying on being a political left wing agenda without any reason, which caused many fans to 1 star bomb the episode on IMDb.
    • The ratings got bumped to a 5.8/10 as of February 12th, 2021.




3 months ago
Score 1
I love MMM... HOMER


3 months ago
Score 0
Me too. It was so darkly hilarious.


3 months ago
Score 1
Out of all of them, I considered the 2009 special my favorite. The humor hits and I like the effort fully put into all three of the segments from the 2009 THOH special.

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