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True and the Rainbow Kingdom

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True and the Rainbow Kingdom
True and the Rainbow Kingdom.jpg
Welcome to the Rainbow Kingdom!
Genre: Fantasy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: August 11, 2017 - present
Network(s): Netflix (Worldwide)
CBC Television (Canada)
Tiny Pop (United Kingdom)
Boomerang, TF1 (TFOU), Piwi+ (France)
Rai YoYo, DeA Junior (Italy)
NET. (Indonesia)
Created by: Jeff Borkin
Samuel Borkson
Arturo Sandoval III
Bill Schultz
Distributed by: Netflix
Starring: Michela Luci
Jamie Watson
Eric Peterson
Anna Bartlam
Dante Zee
Nicolas Aqui
Seasons: 3 (+ 3 Additional Seasons)
Episodes: 29 (+ 10 Additional Episodes)

True and the Rainbow Kingdom is an American-Canadian computer-animated web series for children, produced for Netflix by Home Plate Entertainment, in collaboration with American artist duo FriendsWithYou, and Pharrell Williams' I Am Other. It is based on the artwork by FriendsWithYou.


True and the Rainbow Kingdom follows True and her best friend Bartleby the Cat, as they help the whimsical citizens of the Rainbow Kingdom, a wondrous, colorful universe filled with delightful and fantastical citizens. True is the only one with the ability to activate the magical powers of The Wishes of the Wishing Tree, solve problems in the Rainbow Kingdom, and empower viewers with her imagination, mindfulness, and empathy.

Why Wishes Came True

  1. It takes inspiration from a lot of magical girl shows you've seen in other media.
  2. Outstanding, cute and heartwarming theme song.
  3. Wonderful CGI animation, cute CGI models, adorable character designs and colorful visuals made in Autodesk Maya that fits the tone of the show.
  4. Magnificent songs like the Wishing Tree song.
  5. Simple, yet colorful backgrounds.
  6. Lovable main characters, such as True, Bartleby, Grizelda and Zee.
  7. The Rainbow King, Cumulo, Frookie, the Yetis, The Maze Troll (while cunning), Glummy Glooma, Farmer Mosser, The Blubs, The Living Sea, The Little Helpers and The Critters are good side characters and creatures in the series to some episodes.
  8. Good and cute voice acting.
  9. Very decent and cute storylines in each episode.
  10. It spawned it's very own Christmas special called Winter Wishes, a Halloween special called Tricky Treats, and a Valentine's day special called Happy Hearts Day!
  11. Its spinoff True: Terrific Tales is really good as they really retell the stories of old stories.
  12. Each of the wishes have their own unique power and task.
  13. It teaches very good life lessons here and here, similar to another girl-oriented series in 2017.
  14. There are so many amazing episodes.

Bad Qualities

  1. Grizelda can be unlikable sometimes.
  2. Sadly, their merchandise is available in Canada only.
  3. It can be a bit boring, formulaic and repetitive sometimes.
  4. Like most modern media, it tries to be cool and hip using modern references like Grizelda making a duck lip face while taking a selfie in the episode The Big Green Bounce, similar to other shows like in the Bluey episode Grannies where Bingo flosses while playing the said game with Bluey and in the infamous episode "Snow Way Out" from Total DramaRama where Owen does another floss dance move from Fortnite.
  5. A few bad episodes like True Switcheroo, which used the body swap cliché, much like how The Owl House used it in "Once Upon a Swap".


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