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Turning Mecard

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Turning Mecard
Mecardimal GO!
Genre: Fantasy adventure
Running Time: 24 minutes
Country: South Korea
Release Date: February 3, 2015 –

February 5, 2016

Network(s): KBS2
RTV (Indonesia)
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 52
Next show: Turning Mecard W

Turning Mecard (Korean: 터닝메카드, a transliteration), released in the United States as Mecard, is an anime-influenced South Korean animated television series which is a part of the toyline and media franchise of the same name developed for toy company Sonokong by Choirock (Sonokong's multimedia production arm). The series was produced for Choirock by Heewon Entertainment, and was animated by Paprika Entertainment and Production Reve.

Why it Rocks

  1. It has an interesting concept involving mystery about a boy who is destined to find his missing father and discovers over time that he was involved in creating mecha creatures that were accidentally sent to Earth.
  2. The concept of being able to keep your opponent's Mecardimal after winning a duel is interesting too.
  3. Amazing animation which can even be easily compared and confused with anime released in 2015 (in fact the animation even surpasses that of many animes).
    • The CGI used to animate Mechanicals/Mecardimals is very decent and reminds CGI of Transformers series like Transformers: Prime.
  4. Many of the characters are likeable, even including the villains Van Dyne and the Team Goblin.
  5. Jason has a major development over the course of the plot ranging from a boy who is only interested in finding his missing father to his aim to recover all the Mecardimals and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.
  6. Isobel is an interesting character, first introduced as a mysterious girl, who for a moment was hinted at being a villain, until she redeemed herself by realizing that the Mecardimals had feeling.
  7. The duels between the Mecardimals are simple and easy to understand, in addition to being fast, not consuming much of the show's plot.
  8. The story goes straight to the point with almost no filler episodes, showing the characters capturing new Mecardimals in each new episode and Jason discovering more information about the origins of the Mecardimals and the Blue City, Red Hall, and Black Mirror/Reef groups.
  9. Amazing opening and ending songs, mainly in the original Korean version that are very catchy.
  10. The English dubs (although the second dub contains unnecessary changes) is quite faithful to the original Korean version, keeping the same plot and the original names of most characters.

Bad Qualities

  1. The show can feel like a rip-off of Pokémon (the characters are on a goal of catch all the mons), Bakugan (because of the plot and the duels) and Transformers (the Mechanimals/Mecardimals are identical to Transformers).
  2. The show was discontinued in the West after the first season, since Mattel was banned from continuing to export the franchise after Spin-Master sued Mecard and other similar animations like Screechers Wild! for plagiarism.
    • In Brazil there was a worse case, as the series was discontinued in the first half of the first season! Which resulted in the dub of the series being incomplete.
  3. The show had two English dubs, with the second dub deemed unnecessary trying to be an American adaptation in the style of 4Kids with different openings and BMGs and cuts by dividing the 24-minute episodes into pairs of two 12-minute episodes, trying to imitate the American animation format of the 2010s (something that also happened with Bakugan: Battle Planet).
  4. The series was created solely to promote a toy line created by Sonokong and which was briefly distributed by Mattel in the West.