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Ultraman Geed

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Ultraman Geed
Geed 2017 Poster.jpg
Genre: Tokusatsu
Running Time: 24–25 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: July 8th 2017 - December 23rd, 2017
Network(s): TV Tokyo
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Tatsuomi Hamada
Chihiro Yamamoto
Yuta Ozawa
Episodes: 25
Previous show: Ultraman Orb
Next show: Ultraman R/B

Ultraman Geed is the 27th entry of Tsuburaya's popular Ultra Series that ran during July 8th to December 23th, 2017 on TV Tokyo. It succeeded Ultraman Orb and will be succeeded by Ultraman R/B.


The plot focuses the main character, Riku Asakura, who gains the Geed Riser and the Ultra Capsules to transform into Ultraman Geed. However, at the same time, he finds out that he inherited the genes of the evil giant Ultraman Belial (his father), who falled into the path of evil.

After thinking that he was a normal earthling, it's revealed that Riku (and his alter ego Ultraman Geed) is actually Belial's son. The fate of both Ultraman Geed and Riku is about to change.

Why It Rocks

  1. Despite reusing the fusion gimmick in the previous entry, Orb, it still manages to be original, new, and fresh in many aspects than one.
  2. Every single character is relatable, likable, deep, and well-written, with each having their own stories.
  3. Very epic and catchy theme song, that will get your blood pumping every time you listen to it.
  4. A good focus on character depth with interesting backstories.
  5. The action scenes are well choreographed and feel natural.
  6. It understands what the Ultra Series is all about and respects the franchise as a whole.
  7. Ultraman Zero returns once again, and more powerful than ever with his new form, Ultraman Zero Beyond, which looks cool in design.
  8. Actual tension to every fighting scenes.
  9. Despite the ending goes with the "the good guys win, the bad guys lose" ending, it manages to not be cliche and predictable.
  10. The main villains are deep and have compelling stories.
  11. Belial Fusion Monsters look cool, with each looking well-blended from its two components.
    • Special mention goes to Thunder Killer, despite having an odd combination between Eleking and Ace Killer, it manages to work in design and concept.

Bad Qualities

  1. It felt a bit slow early on.
  2. While done better here, the fusion gimmick can be repetitive for those who watched Orb.
  3. Zero can sometimes steal the spotlight from the main Ultra.


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