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Ultraman R/B

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Ultraman R/B
Ultraman RB Poster.png
Genre: Tokusatsu
Running Time: 24–25 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: July 7th - December 22nd, 2018
Network(s): TV Tokyo
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Yuya Hirata
Ryosuke Koike
Arisa Sonohara
Ginnojo Yamazaki
Motoki Fukami
Ayane Kinoshita
Kaori Manabe
Episodes: 25
Previous show: Ultraman Geed
Next show: Ultraman Taiga

Ultraman R/B (ウルトラマンR/Bルーブ Urutoraman Rūbu) is the 28th entry of the Ultraman Series, created by Tsuburaya Productions.


  1. The idea of having two ultras and having two hosts respectively is overall a pretty unique concept, and is a fresh start for the franchise itself that was executed pretty well.
  2. Katsumi and Isami are both very likeable protagonists, and has both of them have some pretty decent character development, as well as the brotherly bond between the two is pretty entertaining to watch.
  3. Rosso and Blu's suits are pretty simplistic, yet the aesthetics are quite decent and the undersuit surrounding the suit itself is pretty mesmerizing to look at.
  4. Makoto Aizen may be the most popular and best character in the show as he is very flamboyant and comedic, similarly to Jugglus Juggler from Ultraman Orb, and his debut as ORB DARK BLACK NOIR SCHWARZ was still a pretty decent nostalgia trip for those who loved Orb.
  5. Saki is a good addition within the show, not only is she is a badass villain, it also helps that her backstory sums up why did she turn out like that in the first place, and her redemption and sacrifice were also pretty decent.
  6. The action scenes are quite decently choreographed, and is just overall a thrilling moment to always anticipate.
  7. Handful of pretty hilarious scenes.
  8. The supporting cast are a very fun bunch, with engaging personality.
  9. The finale was pretty decent and an enlightening finale.
  10. The movie was extremely fantastic, and was a great epilogue to this series and could also could be considered of the best Ultraman films to ever date.

Bad Qualities

  1. The show somewhat dips in quality once Saki becomes the main antagonist (despite her still being a good character).
  2. Like with Ultraman Ginga, it suffered the same issue where some of the recurring villains from older Ultra shows were turned into nothing more than mere comic reliefs.
  3. Isami, Asahi, and Aizen could be pretty annoying at times.
  4. While good, the next season (Ultraman Taiga) wasn't as well received.


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