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I have retired, please click this message and read the announcement to know why.
This user has made 2,704 edits + 3,074 edits under his old account.


In case you couldn't tell, I'm Blazikeye535 (formerly Seewater514 and DeciduousWater534), a Florida man. As someone who lives in Florida, I can confirm that the memes about Florida's craziness are 100% true. Click here to view my full profile.

About Me (Not Really)

Real Name: Mr. Nathaniel "Motherfucking Goddamn Sons Of Bitchin Fuck Fuck Fucking Scuttlebug" Bandy Flexington

Mortal Enemy: Donkey BITCHASS

Residence: A pile of boulders

Weight: S W O L E

Why He Was The Greatest User Of All Time With Absolutely No Flaws Whatsoever

  1. His pages are absolute masterpieces, which is enough to make a grown man cry. Some examples include his pages about Pokémon Sword and Shield and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
  2. He put his heart and soul and dedicated nearly 500 years of his life to organizing the categories on the wikis.
  3. He avoids politics like the plague, and when he does provide his opinions, they're so insightful to the point where he managed to end numerous wars and other global crises.
  4. He created the company infobox, which miraculously saved the wikis from certain doom.
  5. He has an IQ so high that the number can wrap aorund the whole universe approximately 999 millinillion times.
  6. Because of his IQ, he knows every single video game, movie, TV show, etc. like the back of his hand.
  7. He is able to sense exactly who created what account, making him spot-on in detecting sockpuppets.
  8. He calls vandals "vandalizing street hooligans", making him the funniest person alive.
  9. He is the true creator of Minecraft, as he created it during a power outage in the summer of 1812 while he was carrying infants out of a burning church which was built on the back of a giant opossum.
  10. He is more attractive than even Shrek himself, who was considered to be the most attractive being in the universe.
  11. He is 11'6" tall and glows in the dark.
  12. He called out Complete Bullshitter for loving Alabama.
  13. Because of his ability to control time, he is able to block vandals within 0.00000000000000000000000001 yoctoseconds.
  14. He also went back in time to persuade Martin Luther King Jr. to create a movement to stand up to the unfair segregation laws back then.
  15. He defeated Thanos (with the help of Shrek) to acquire the Infinity Gauntlet. He then used the Gauntlet to yeet the FANDOM leftovers on CGW, AGW and RWW out of existence.
  16. He is one of the only two admins on CGW to successfully evade Grust's wrath (along with ThunderKat), which goes to show how incredible of an admin he is.
  17. He hardly ever expresses his interests, making him not annoying in the slightest.
  18. He is so active that you would think he is a supercomputer or something, reaching 69,420 edits on every wiki in existence within one day of joining them.
  19. As shown on RWW, his criticisms towards spam-bots are very insightful, which caused them to have a change of heart and become anti-spam bots instead.
  20. Is the one behind the popular phrase "everything he/she has said or done".
  21. He is extremely strong willed, as he immediately made a full recovery from a tragedy where his sandbox on AMW died after it got turned into the page about 2020's Mulan
    • Thankfully, Masson Thief used his resurrection powers to bring the page back to life.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. He doesn't know what an "E-sports" is.


200 IQ commentary