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this user has left the show wikis.

Hey. I'm John 127. Nice to meet you, reader. I'm not a retired user, but I am now no longer active on the show wikis since they suck ass. There are several flaws that drive me mad, such as usage excessive pages that are poorly written, or do not contain the necessary information, there are several users who always revert my edits uneccesarily though I think I am improving the page by adding in more information, and there are several users who are bland, generic and act like Manchildren (yep, I totally agree with TigerBlazer's critique of the current state of Qualitipedia). Just in case you want to know, i'm now active on every other wiki except for the show wikis (where I am no longer active as of May 2022) and my favourite wikis on qualitipedia are the awesome/crappy games wikis, where I will be the most active on. Note: this is not my full profile. I am creating a new profile on the CGW. Visit it once I finish it. Over and Out.