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Marxo Grouch
"Comedy is no laughing matter"
Groucho Ma- I mean Marxo Grouch

Welcome to the user page of yours truly, Marxo Grouch.

If you're looking for my Reddit account, please see u/HerbertHigginbotham. For my Discord account, see Bandana Waddle Dee#4153.

Stuff About Yours Truly

Username: Marxo Grouch
Real Name: Right there in the infobox, folks.
Registered: 17 March 2019
Nationality: American, Western European
Hometown: Ceres, California

Discovery of the Reception Wikis

Okay, I don't have any clear memory of exactly how I discovered these wikis, but I got a feeling that it had something to do with finding reasons as to why Cars 2 was hated back in… let's say 2017. I believe that the page for the movie on Awful Movies Wiki showed up on a Google Search. Once I saw the article for myself, I was immediately intrigued by the way things were structured and soon enough I became hooked. This led to me discovering the other wikis such as Crappy Games Wiki and Terrible TV Shows Wiki. It was disheartening to see these wikis being closed en masse by FANDOM until I learned that they were relocated to Miraheze, where we are now.

Even then, the wikis remained endearing to me thanks to greater efforts of sophistication in writing and users such as Masson Thief and ItMeansNothing making the scene very bright.

That's not to say that things weren't spotless however. Nothing is perfect, after all. Some poor grammar and nonsense went unnoticed from time to time. That is what motivated me to become a member of the community (after 4 freaking years of just watching stuff happen).


Subject Like Dislike Meh…
Games Nintendo
Old-school arcade games
Fake mobile game ads (especially from Playrix
Paid online multiplayer
Movies Pixar
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Anything with preachy undertones Star Wars (yes, really)
DC Extended Universe
Television Bob's Burgers (my favorite show right now)
Rick and Morty
SpongeBob SquarePants
Ed, Edd n Eddy
Young Sheldon
My Hero Academia
Live events that preempt other programs Modern Cartoon Network programming (this includes Teen Titans Go!)
Literature Diary of a Wimpy Kid (earlier books)
Captain Underpants series
To Kill a Mockingbird
Uhhh… I got nothing to put here Buddha Boy
The Pigman
Music Michael Jackson
Bon Jovi
"All Star" by Smash Mouth (I mean, who doesn't?)
Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
Got nothing for here either… Country music (I've been oversaturated with it recently)
Websites Miraheze
FANDOM (sometimes)
TVTropes (I'm aware of the flaws)
Puzzle Team Club's website (great time killer)
Common (non)Sense Media
Rotten Tomatoes

Pages I've made on Miraheze


Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki

Greatest Movies Wiki =

Best Shows & Episodes Wiki

Magnificent Literature Wiki

Blog Posts

Work in Progress



Incredible Characters Wiki

Upsetting Toys Wiki

Outside Qualitipedia

The Chill Place


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