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User blog:Matthewpowel/Should Eric Cartman remain on the Loathsome Characters Wiki?

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If you've heard of the Loathsome Characters Wiki, I am the founder. I'm just asking the question here for some more opinions. Jeff added Eric Cartman to the wiki because of all the messed up things Cartman did, but it seems as though Eric Cartman is very well recieved, according to the comments on that page and the public in general. Cartman is on their as an average character, with "Bad Qualities" as the main heading, but maybe he's too well recieved to be on the Loathsome Characters Wiki. Plus, Trevor originally suggested Cartman to be on the Great Characters Wiki and Jeff is known for taking characters a bit too seriously. (cough Olive Oyl cough)

I personally think the structure of South Park would not work as well without him, but I don't want to be biased, so should Eric Cartman stay on the Loathsome Characters Wiki or should he move to the sister wiki?