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Superman Amex commercials A bizarre line of commercials that exist to advertise a credit card company? Which basically include Seinfeld and Superman in some random adventures.

From what ive seen from it it seems surprisingly well thought out and refreshing to see. It fun to see the two main characters bounce off of each other with funny yet realistic humor. Sort of like a low-key buddy film.

I also like the joke where the commercial somewhat treats the man as if he were his own hero by basically saying "Credit is better than superpowers".

Oh, and by the way, Superman is animated, i don't know why considering the fact that he's already human. but eh. it passible?

Oh, and hes voiced by the same guy who voices Joe Swanson from family guy.

Nu pogodi!


Planet panic

This was a pilot for a nicklodeon short, and needless to say, i LOVeD THIS! This show gave me OK K.O. vibes, and is bassically where a cadet and a hero work in a force to protect a city.. or planet.

The plot of this pilot gave us alot to look at and showed the potential that this cartoon has to save nick and nicktoons.

Season 1-3 of Oggy and the Cockroaches (Seasonal split)

Gonna write another blog concerning this.