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TheInterneto (talkcontribs)

May I at least have a word with you about phrasing my comeuppances? I’ve (laughs) never intended any drama in the first place. No mass vandalism has happen from K9 Aversion’s fans. The LA part must stand for Los Angeles.

LA2002 (talkcontribs)

The LA part actually symbolizes the initials of my first and middle name. But it's also a coincidence that it also stands for Los Angeles, which is a city I would like to visit some day.

TheInterneto (talkcontribs)

(Sigh) I’ll move on. I also apologize for that private message of the middle fingers.

Seanbuscus2600 (talkcontribs)

Ever heard of moving on?

TheInterneto (talkcontribs)

Just give me a moment first.

Masson Thief (talkcontribs)

Moving on isn't very useful if you don't learn not to repeat doing the same mistakes.

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